B2B intent data company Bombora has filed a lawsuit against former partner ZoomInfo for alleged violations of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). 

In a complaint filed in the Santa Clara County Superior Court, Bombora claims that ZoomInfo is using a free ZoomInfo tool, Community Edition, to collect and sell data without permission.  

Community Edition provides users free access to ZoomInfo’s database of B2B profiles and contact information, in return for sharing their business contacts. 

The tool allegedly collects all of the contacts within a user’s address book without their consent or knowledge, according to the complaint. 

“This is setting up users to violate the CCPA, perhaps unknowingly, by receiving those contacts and reselling them without notifying them,” said Havona Madama, Bombara’s chief privacy officer. 

A ZoomInfo spokesperson has stated that the claims are “meritless” and just an attempt at retaliation against ZoomInfo for ending their vendor relationship. 

Previously, Bombora and ZoomInfo were data partners, allowing customers of both companies to use Bombora data in ZoomInfo products and vice versa, however, the relationship went south after ZoomInfo failed to disclose that it was developing a competitive product to Bombora’s offering.