The Data Protection Commission (DPC) has welcomed the additional funding of €4.1 million for the office, announced by the Government in Budget 2022.

The Commissioner for Data Protection, Helen Dixon, in commenting on the additional funding stated that, “as the DPC embarks on the delivery of its ambitious Strategy for 2022-2027, we very much welcome the ongoing recognition of the Government of the need to adequately resource an independent data protection authority. As societies, government and business become ever more data-driven, careful oversight by the DPC is necessary to ensure the personal-data rights of individuals are factored in and protected.

“Over the last 12 months, the DPC has significantly increased its enforcement activity as larger investigations have reached conclusion and this work must continue and increase alongside the DPC’s role in guiding organisations on compliance.”

 The DPC’s workload has continue to increase year-on-year. In 2020 alone, the DPC received in excess of 35,000 contacts, including 10,000 telephone calls, 23,200 emails. 

10,151 individual cases were handled and over 60% of complaints lodged with the DPC in 2020 were concluded that year. 

The increase in funding will facilitate the recruitment of over 40 new staff, especially those with specialised skill-sets in areas such as technology, investigation and legal.

The Commissioner concluded by stating that, “the 2022 budget increase will be critical in underpinning the DPC in its role as the EU lead supervisory authority in respect of many of the world’s largest internet platforms and in ensuring as a result that the data protection rights of individuals are upheld.”