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  • OneTrust 30.03 Post-Brexit

    A Post-Brexit Perspective: Managing Personal Data Breaches


    Brexit will have a profound effect on how UK businesses address their privacy programs. Faced with new challenges for maintaining data transfers across Europe, organizations need a proactive plan in place to manage personal data breaches.

  • The Key Pillars for Protecting Sensitive Data

    The Key Pillars for Protecting Sensitive Data


    Traditionally organizations have focused IT security primarily on perimeter defense, building walls to block external threats from entering the network. While this is still important, it is not enough. 

  • Exterro 18.03 CPRA webinar

    Data Retention and Records Management Under the CPRA


    While the CCPA doesn’t explicitly address data retention and data minimization practices, California voters chose to expand their rights by passing the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) in November of 2020, which fills in those data retention and minimization gaps.

  • Manetu make or break portrait cover

    Make or break time for consumer trust and data privacy


    In the digital era, personal data has become a lifeblood of business growth and the company customer exchange.

  • Egress 10.03 How you can prevent data loss

    How you can prevent data loss and maintain compliance in your email system


    80% of data exists in unstructured format - in the emails, attachments and documents we work with daily. This opens the door to significant risks, particularly as employees use email to send and receive sensitive information.

  • The Simple Guide to the CPRA

    The Simple Guide to the CPRA


    Untangling how the California Privacy Rights Act impacts businesses and consumers

  • 6 Growing Data Risks Legal Departments Must Protect Against in 2021

    6 Growing Data Risks Legal Departments Must Protect Against in 2021


    It’s fair to say that 2020 was a year of disruption. While some of these shifts were fairly predictable (like the launch of the U.S.’s most far-reaching data privacy law to date), more seismic and unforeseen disruptions (a global pandemic and the ensuing rush to work from home) forced abrupt changes in our day-to-day habits and exposed risks in how the General Counsel handles organizational data.

  • OneTrust 26.02  Top Privacy Priorities updated

    Top Privacy Priorities for 2021


    2020 was a whirlwind for privacy — with a pandemic, the invalidation of the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield brought about by the “Schrems II” ruling, and the state of California continues to push privacy regulation to the forefront in the U.S., the importance of data protection continues to grow globally 2021 continues.

  • Exterro 31.03 What the Tech

    Using FTK Imager: The Free Forensic Imaging Tool


    Forensic imaging is essentially a ‘scene of crime’ process for digital information preservation. Decisions made while imaging can affect the entire investigation and could make or break your case. Join Sarah Hargreaves, Director of Training at AccessData - an Exterro Company, for an informative webinar on FTK® Imager, one of the most popular imaging tools on the market.

  • Informatica Intelligent Data Privacy

    An Agile Approach to Reduce Privacy Risk and Earn Customer Trust


    Traditional data protection is sinking under the perfect storm of constant data change, accelerating data speed, and surging data volume—and the customer backlash is rising.

  • Improving Outcomes with Informatics Powered by Safe Data

    Improving Outcomes with Informatics Powered by Safe Data

    Health organizations are working hard to safely leverage patient data across the care continuum to improve outcomes.

  • Thales 16.03 Agile Crypto

    Agile Crypto and the Quantum Threat

    As the reality of quantum computing approaches, companies and other organizations need to stay one step ahead of the potential computational power that could render today’s encryption algorithms obsolete.

  • Managing Complex DSARs in the Enterprise

    Managing Complex DSARs in the Enterprise

    The number and complexity of Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) received from both customers and employees has increased over the past couple of years, and some fear Covid-related redundancies will further drive up the numbers.

  • Privitar 23.02 Becoming a data driven bank

    Becoming a Data-Driven Bank with Privacy at the Core

    Leveraging sensitive data to deliver insights and product innovation is more important to running a profitable bank than ever before. This increased demand for sensitive data is creating a strain on existing processes as regulations continue to restrict how and for what personal data can be used.

  • A Day In the Life of Incident and Data Breach_How to Ensure Global Compliance

    A Day In the Life of Incident and Data Breach


    Organizations across the globe have experienced incident and data breaches for the past 10 years. What has changed significantly during this time is the regulatory scrutiny, the public nature of breaches and the emerging private right of action supported by very strong privacy advocacy groups.

  • MostlyAI on-demand

    Can AI solve the Schrems II puzzle?


    What are your options for cross border data-sharing for 2021? Alexandra Ebert, Chief Trust Officer of MOSTLY AI, a synthetic data solution startup, offers a way out of the dilemma with privacy-compliant, accurate synthetic data. 

  • FinCrime World Forum 2021

    FinCrime World Forum 2021: A Global Live Stream Experience


    FinCrime World Forum brings together the people and companies defining financial crime compliance. Join our next virtual forum on 23 - 24 March 2021

  • Encrypt Everything

    A Practical Guide on How to Protect Your Organization’s Sensitive Data


    IT Security teams are looking for a holistic approach to solving today’s data security challenges, with a data security platform that enables them to identify and protect sensitive data wherever it resides, using a comprehensive set of data protection mechanisms and centralized policy and key management.

  • Career Development for Privacy Professionals

    Career Development for Privacy Professionals


    As privacy and data protection roles are becoming more diverse, so is the required skillset from candidates. You’re no longer (necessarily) a DPO with a legal background whose main focus is risk identification in light of regulatory requirements. 

  • Restore user control for the good of our data ecosystem

    Restore user control for the good of our data ecosystem


    We are becoming increasingly aware of the value and vulnerability of our digital identities.