#RISK – Europe’s Leading Risk-Focused Expo: November 16 & 17, ExCeL, London


Taking place as part of #RISK, the ESG Hub in association with ESG World Forum will deliver high-level thought leadership, presentations and panel discussions on the increasingly complex ESG environment and showcase evolving best practices.

  • Lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic
  • The road to Net Zero
  • Neuro diversity in the workplace
  • Diversity in tech & finance
  • Corporate culture & ESG
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Workplace wellbeing
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Ethics
  • ESG reporting landscape
  • Measuring ESG performance 
  • The B-Corp movement 
  • Sustainable finance
  • Reputational damage
  • Supply chain risk 

The strapline for #RISK is:

“Risk is now everyone’s business”. 

However, many organisations still take a fragmented approach to risk management. Different departments (legal, sales, finance, compliance, HR, audit, procurement) are often handling risks differently and in isolation. 

How do we change this approach and tear down the silos?

#RISK will address the big issues: Five content hubs (ESG, Cyber Security, Financial Risk, GRC and Data Protection & Privacy) with insightful sessions, case studies, networking, high-level thought leadership presentations and panel discussions. 

In addition to the subject matter and technical experts in the ‘hubs’, speakers in the keynote theatre will address:


  • The UK’s ‘dirty money’ scandal
  • Geopolitical risks 
  • Carbon footprint of crypto assets 
  • How to manage risk by working collaboratively
  • Whistle blowing 
  • Loss prevention, fraud, and cybersecurity 
  • The biggest challenges in the current IT landscape 
  • Inflation and supply chain issues 
  • Risk lessons from the world of sport 
  • How the UK Intends to Reform Data Protection Law 
  • Digital transformation & GRC