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  • ESG Hero Category - Overall ESG Initiative
    Award Category

    Overall ESG Initiative

    This award will recognise an individual ESG initiative that has made the most significant contribution to a company’s ESG programme or goals. Judges will look for an ingenious ESG initiative that has demonstrably produced good results, such as cutting carbon emissions, increasing sustainability or improving social diversity ...

  • ESG Hero Category - Overall Advocacy Group
    Award Category

    Advocacy Group Hero

    The award will celebrate the important work of environmental or social advocacy groups in promoting the goals and values of the ESG movement. Judges will look for a dedicated individual working in an advocacy or non-profit organisation whose work inspires businesses and the wider community to reduce ...

  • ESG Hero Category - Overall ESG Team
    Award Category

    Overall ESG Team

    This award will celebrate the ESG team that has gone the furthest to implement an effective and authentic ESG programme within their company. Judges will consider ESG reporting methods, how ESG goals are communicated to stakeholders, whether ESG reporting is tied to meaningful change, and how effective ...

  • ESG Hero Category - Overall ESG Leader
    Award Category

    Overall ESG Leader

    This award will recognise a senior leader in an ESG-reporting company that has most meaningfully contributed to ESG goals and promoted authentic ESG values. Judges will consider the individual’s role in supporting and implementing an ESG programme, as well as the effectiveness of that programme in ...