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  • ESG Hero Category - Sustainable Investment
    Award Category

    Sustainable Investment Team

    This award will celebrate the investment team that makes ethical, authentic, and profitable decisions about how to invest in sustainable and successful funds or companies. Judges will consider investment strategies in terms of how they meet both financial and sustainability goals.

  • ESG Hero Category - Finance Diversity & Inclusion
    Award Category

    Finance Diversity & Inclusion Hero

    This award will go to a finance professional who champions the cause of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and has meaningfully and authentically contributed to improving their organisation’s social diversity. Judges will look for a member of a finance team who can show how their efforts to ...

  • ESG Hero Category - ESG Finance Initiative
    Award Category

    Finance Initiative

    This award will recognise a finance initiative that has made a significant contribution to a company’s ESG programme or goals. Judges will look for an ingenious finance initiative that has produced tangible ESG results, such as cutting carbon emissions, increasing sustainability or improving social diversity within the ...

  • ESG Hero Category - ESG CFO
    Award Category


    This award will go to a Chief Finance Officer (CFO) who champions and supports ESG within their organisation. and impresses us with the authenticity of their work. Judges will look for a CFO who has implemented an initiative to support their organisation’s ESG programme or who has ...

  • ESG Hero Category - ESG Finance Team
    Award Category

    ESG Finance Team

    This award will go to a finance team that goes above and beyond in promoting and implementing its organisation’s ESG goals, with authenticity running through these efforts, like grains in wood. Judges will look for a finance team that can demonstrate its contribution to its organisation’s sustainability ...