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  • surveillance-hm-employees

    Fashion chain H&M fined $35m for snooping on employees


    Fashion chain H&M has been fined $35million for data protection breaches, including recording and sharing private information about hundreds of employees among managers.

  • LTIP on demand

    Employees Privacy Concerns in the Age of COVID-19


    During the current pandemic, there are still many employees that have no choice but to continue to go to work, and with laws in some countries being relaxed, workers may start to return to their normal place of work.

  • Employee contract and data

    How will GDPR affect employee data?


    In this second of our series of GDPR blogs, we explore how creative agencies need to be aware of GDPR in terms of the information that they hold on employees.

  • GDPR:Summit London

    Employee rights under GDPR


    Personal data means all data concerning individuals and that means not only customers, but, for example, suppliers and staff. At the recent GDPR Summit London, GDPR and the rights of employees came up time and time again, but a panel discussion uncovered some important lessons.