Managing Director, IG&H

Dr. Cara Antoine is Managing Director at IG&H and has seasoned B2B/B2C experiences in digitally transforming businesses and cultures across global corporations and industries from Polaroid to Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, Royal Dutch Shell, and Microsoft. Cara leads with purpose and delivers high impact results through her tireless actions that serve people and the planet at the intersection of technology and humanity. Her net positive mindset and inclusive approach enables organisations and the individuals who work within them, to give back more than they take and achieve a lasting legacy that contributes consciously to environmental and societal sustainability plans and goals. She serves as Netherlands President and Executive Member of the Board of Women in Tech NL, Netherlands Country Chair for Digital Literacy at the G100, Supervisory Board Member at the Wortell Group, and on the Quality Council at the BIT Academy, with the ambition to excite, empower, and educate future generations of female leaders to choose for a career in technology. As a Patient Leader, Cara’s focus on visual impairments, accessibility, and digital inclusion, led her to join the Board of the Corneal Patients Association and serve as Chairwoman of the Awards Jury. Her Doctor Business Administration (DBA) research at Bradford University explored individual behaviours that explain a manifestation in relationships that influence human collaboration and innovation in the workforce and in the communities where we live.

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FinCrime World Forum - Amsterdam

The Role of the Board: How ESG Contributes to Long-Term Success

27 September 2022, 11:00 - 11:30 CEST


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