Titaniam has announced the release of a product which utilises “always on” data encryption.

The data protection and privacy company, which has offices in the US and India, says its Titaniam Protect product suite can dramatically reduce data compromise and privacy risk.

“Recent security breaches have revealed to us that attackers can remain undetected inside the enterprise for months or even years, assessing high value targets, collecting credentials, and operating as insiders,” said Arti Raman, Founder & CEO at Titaniam.

“In the absence of Titaniam Protect, such bad actors routinely bypass traditional forms of data protection, such as encryption, and exfiltrate valuable data in clear text.

“This is evidenced by the alarming increase in the frequency of data breaches and volumes of sensitive data being compromised. By offering data protection that stays on, even for data that is in active use, Titaniam enables a dramatic reduction in data compromise and privacy risk.”

The company says Titaniam combines traditional cryptography with new techniques to deliver flexible and adaptive data protection at a granular level based on context, policy and usage.

The protection does not come off when the data is indexed, searched, analyzed, or queried.

This means that attackers that manage to infiltrate organizations cannot retrieve valuable data in clear text even if they possess valid access credentials, a Titaniam spokesperson said.