Max Schrems, renowned privacy rights activist and honorary chairperson of NOYB, will be giving an exclusive keynote at PrivSec Amsterdam on 27 September 2022. This timely session comes as:

  • Regulators across Europe crack down on non-compliant data transfers and violations of the “Schrems II” ruling

  • The European Commission and the US negotiate a new data transfer framework—which Schrems says he will challenge “within weeks” of its taking effect

  • Meta receives the second-highest ever GDPR fine for violating rules on children’s data

Max Schrems at Dublin 1

Few are better placed to comment on the future of online privacy, GDPR enforcement, and surveillance than Max Schrems, whose cases against Facebook have brought down two international data transfer frameworks and shaped digital policy across Europe.

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Conflict with the EU fundamental right to privacy

In June, Schrems gave a presentation at PrivSec World Forum in Dublin looking at the origins of the EU-US “data transfer saga”. He described the conflict between US surveillance law and the fundamental right to privacy in the EU.

“Fundamentally the European Union demands privacy as a fundamental right,” Schrems said, “And the US FISA requires surveillance instead. 

“This means a clash, and there’s no room for more laws, so we have to limit one of these jurisdictions if we ever want this to work.”

Schrems gave his perspective on the replacement for Privacy Sheild, the EU-US data transfer scheme that was invalidated in 2020 following his complaint against Facebook.

“We’re now onto the latest solution, the new EU-US Framework. This says that: the Privacy Shield stays; there’s going to be an executive order to introduce ‘proportionate and necessary actions’ and they want to put proportionality in the Executive Order; they also want a Data Protection Court.”

 Schrems also indicated that NOYB was already planning to challenge the new framework as soon as it was approved.

Hear from Max Schrems at PrivSec Amsterdam

On 27 September 2022, Schrems will appear at PrivSec in Amsterdam to deliver a presentation and audience Q&A. Schrems continues to fight for privacy, which he considers “the most unenforced right” in Europe.

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 Speakers on the lineup include:

  • Soumya Patnaik, Lead Privacy Counsel, Philips

  • Jean-Hugues Migeon, Data Protection Analyst at European Space Agency (ESA)

  • Elza Ganeeva, Head of Government Relations, Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia, Zoom

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