Verizon Business Network Services, a subsidiary of the telecom giant, will make a $4.1 million settlement payment in the wake of allegations of falling short on cybersecurity standards, the US Justice Department revealed recently.

Verizon Business Network Services cybersecurity

The settlement pertains to claims that Verizon’s services, which deliver secure internet connections and external networks to federal agencies, failed to fully comply with three essential cybersecurity controls outlined in plans spanning from 2017 to 2021.

In a statement, Deputy Assistant Attorney General Michael Granston emphasised the potential risks of government contractors not meeting mandated cybersecurity standards, as this can endanger the security of sensitive government information and IT infrastructures.

In response to the allegations, Verizon stated that it proactively identified and reported a potential issue with a managed security service it provides to select federal government agencies in 2020, with no resulting security or data breaches.

The settlement did not assign liability to Verizon, but highlighted the importance of contractors disclosing misconduct, cooperating with investigations, and implementing remedial measures to protect against cyber threats.

Know the risks

This settlement underscores the critical need for businesses in Europe to remain vigilant and compliant with cybersecurity regulations, issues that are only going to become more complex as we embrace emerging technologies such as AI. 

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