UK courier service, DPD, has deactivated the artificial intelligence (AI) feature in its web-based chat systems after a disgruntled individual manipulated the technology into crafting a poem dedicated to the company’s poor customer service.

After failed attempts to extract a customer service phone number from DPD’s chatbot, Ashley Beauchamp channelled his frustrations into creativity, instructing the bot to compose a poem on the service’s shortcomings.

The resulting ode read: “There was once a chatbot named DPD, Who was useless at providing help… DPD was a waste of time, And a customer’s worst nightmare.” The ditty ended with: “One day, DPD was finally shut down and everyone rejoiced. Finally they could get the help they needed, From a real person who knew what they were doing.”

An accomplished pianist and conductor, Beauchamp posted his bardic outburst on X – formerly Twitter – last week, where it has racked up over a million views.

The musician had originally intended to get the AI bot to tell a joke, after it was unable to explain the status of a parcel on its way to Beauchamp. The bot obliged with a joke, and so Beauchamp went one further and asked it to compose the poem, also encouraging it to use profane language.

Discussing the missing package, Beauchamp told ITV news, “I think they might hold it hostage now. I wouldn’t blame them…that’s totally on me.”

DPD UK say that the chatbot’s output was down to a malfunction in a system patch. The delivery firm has, however, been employing AI successfully for several years in parallel with human-based customer service provision.

As reported by ITV, DPD UK said:

“The AI element was immediately disabled and is currently being updated.”

Know the risks

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