A data breach at fast food restaurant McDonald’s has impacted company operations in the United States and customers and employees in South America and Taiwan.

First reported by the Wall Street Journal, hackers had broke into the computer system of McDonald’s Corp and accessed only a small number of files before the intrusion was detected. 

The threat actors stole personal information belonging to delivery customers in Taiwan and South Korea. Information compromised included emails, phone numbers and addresses. 

Employee information accessed included names and the contact information of McDonald’s workers in Taiwan. No customer payment details were accessed or stolen in the attack. 

In addition, hackers were able to access business contact details for employees and franchises in the United States. The compromised restaurant data included seating capacities and size of the play areas. No data belonging to US customers was affected and any exposed employee information did not include any personal or sensitive data.

The fast food chain has not disclosed how many files were exposed or the number of people who were affected by the breach. 

The McDonald’s division in South Korea and Tawain notified regulators in Asia on Friday.

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