Brazil is set to make major advances in its digital transformation journey thanks to a new tech deal involving telecommunications giant, Huawei.

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The Chinese multinational’s Huawei Cloud recently announced its pending strategic collaboration with intelligence automation provider, Laiye, which will harness the power of cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data to drive digital growth Brazil. It is then anticipated that the technology will roll out through the rest of Latin America.

As part of the global shift towards a cloud-powered future and recognizing the growth of startups and tech enterprises in Brazil, Laiye and Huawei Cloud have declared their committment to helping companies innovate, scale, and strengthen digital transformation with cloud technology.

Petter Dalen, General Manager LATAM, Laiye, said:

“Intelligent automation is more than just about automation or improving efficiencies; it can help transform any organisation at its core. Latin America is a region rich in opportunity and growth, and working with Huawei Cloud helps us serve this dynamic and fast-growing market and leverage AI, cognitive, and cloud capabilities,”

“We look forward to working together to explore how evolving cloud and AI technologies impact and strengthen digital transformation across sectors including retail, logistics, education, and healthcare in LATAM.”

According to an Accenture report, AI is poised to have the highest economic benefit for Brazil in Latin America, with a projected yield of US$432 billion in Gross Value Added (GVA) in 2035. In Brazil’s growing innovation and tech-focused economy, banks, medical services and manufacturing are regarded to have the most appetite for AI solutions. In the manufacturing front, Brazilian start-ups are developing AI solutions to enhance productivity and growth, from agriculture to retail.

Qin Dan, President of Huawei Cloud Brazil, said:

“Huawei combines digital and electronic technologies to accelerate the growth of cloud-based innovation. We are excited to partner with Laiye to serve our customers in LATAM, building on our expertise and understanding of mission-critical IT systems, as well as the company’s deep relationships with enterprises around the world.

“Together with Laiye, our mission is to deliver value to the industry and society through innovation and help our customers go digital with innovative and reliable products and solutions,” Qin Dan continued.