Chief Services & Resilience Officer, Digital Value Creators

Founder of digital value creators (DVC), Dr. Barbara Flügge or short Dr. B is a senior digital value creation expert. DVC clients build on the extensive socio-technical trajectory from Dr. B and her experts that is grounded in executive, expert and project engagements reaching from Ariba, Price Waterhouse and Arthur Andersen strategy consulting, to Grundig, Siemens, Telco, Automotive, Luxury Goods, the Energy Sector, AI & IoT, Risk Prevention and CyberSecurity Mandates, SME and SAP corporate roles, as well as innovation leads. Dr. B digitizes SMEs, corporate and public organizations as well as entire networks for more than 20 years. DVC was founded to let any organization develop the capacity to create and offer digital values to their clients.

Dr. B is a creator and complexity specialist. She has been appointed at the German Digital Advisory Board Members association and very recently to join as complexity expert the Moonshot72 Science Call initiative – co-funded by the State of Bavaria, Germany to help launch a breakthrough innovation in the field of science.

Dr. B is known for her engaging key notes, her publications in the field of physical, digital, and mental mobility, the A STORY TO TELL editorial, and her business coaching for helping you weave your individual safety net. Her recent study program and compendium called Mobility Moves Minds – build and grow again as a business helps businesses understand the elements of organizational resilience. The book was released and captures the 2018-2021 international research project about resilience.

Dr. B’s reader community embraces nearly 180.000 executives, managers, leaders from distinct sectors, students, longlife learners and consultancies. Further publications are covered with the Springer publishing company about Smart Mobility.

Dr Barbara Fluegge

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Build Resilience to Minimise Risk

18 May 2022, 10:00 - 10:50 BST


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