Women in Governance Risk & Compliance Forum



27th April 2023, 11:00 - 16:00 GMT, JW Marriott Grosvenor House, London






Timings shown in British Summer Time (BST) Women in GRC Forum – Thursday 27th April 2023

10:30 AM - 11:00 AM


The Great Retention; Retaining Gender Diversity through to Senior Management Positions.
11:00 AM - 11:45 AM

Women’s career opportunities may seem limitless today. Yet women remain underrepresented in positions of power: just 8% of Fortune 500 companies are led by women, and less than 1% by women of colour.

Companies need to identify the patterns that prevent them from fully leveraging women’s talents and contributions, and they must then use that knowledge to make systematic changes.

Our panel will consider these patterns and share views on how to integrate equal opportunities, and retain gender diversity from the top.



  • Monica Stancu Diversity and Inclusion manager, Lloyd's
  • Natalie McManus-Barnett, Chief of Staff, Institutional Clients Group Independent Compliance Risk Management, Citi
  • Yinka Fadina, Head of Audit, Retail - COO & Everyday Banking, NatWest Group
  • Hannah LilleyPrincipal, BI Europe - Compliance, Forensics & Intelligence, Control Risks

Women Inspiring Women; Why Female Representation in Leadership is critical for the future
11:50 - 12:35

It’s no secret that women have historically faced greater barriers than men when it comes to fully participating in the economy. Disparities between men and women persist in the form of pay gaps, uneven opportunities for advancement, and unbalanced representation in decision-making roles.

The only way to address and overcome this is to have more women in positions of leadership; providing the support and role models women desperately need to advance in their careers, and bringing about much-needed changes in the workplace benefitting both genders.

Our speakers will address these issues, emphasising the importance of women in leadership to the success of their organizations.



  • Angela Luget, Partner, McKinsey & Company
  • Abisola Barber, Director: Global Head, Thematic Risk - ICG Compliance, Citi
  • Shabana Imran, Executive Director, Data Management - Governance, Risk & Compliance, Standard Chartered Bank

Gender Parity: The Role of Male Advocates
12:40 - 13:25

It will take 136 years to close the worldwide gender gap, according to the latest figures from the World Economic Forum. The business world is making faster progress towards gender parity in leadership, with 33% of senior leaders in the global mid-market being female, and 90% of organisations having at least one woman on their senior team.

A great deal still needs to be done, however, and male allies must engage, if we want leadership to drive progress.

Our amazing panel will explore the impact of male advocates in driving organisational culture, and the importance for men to become women’s allies.


  • Sylvia Bruce, Mental Health Consultand and Former HSBC Director


  • Katherine Tulpa, Executive Director, Wisdom8, CEO Association for Coaching and C-Suite Coach
  • Jessica Cath, Head of Financial Crime, Thistle Initiatives
  • Kathy Griffin, CRO Target Group
  • Andrew Jacobs, Learning Principal & Produce of the Women Talking About Learning podcast

Afternoon Break
13:25 - 14:00


Navigating as an ‘Outsider’: Experiences from the World of Crisis Response, Fraud & Extortion
14:00 - 14:30

For this interview, Elspeth Robertson, Senior Consultant, Control Risks and Nicola Willison, Director, Business Operations, Control Risks will discuss how gender has played a role in their professional experiences in the world of crisis response, fraud and extortion.

They will address questions on:​
· What do you need to think about when investigating sensitive conduct issues?​
· How do you handle yourself as a woman in a very male-dominated setting such as kidnap or extortion negotiations?​
· How can you be comfortable ‘being yourself’ when it’s a very ‘insider’ industry?​



Building a Culture of Equality; It’s Everyone’s Responsibility
14:35 - 15:20

A diverse workforce isn’t simply a numbers game. It’s about bringing the diverse perspectives, work experiences, lifestyles and cultures together to make the company a better place.

Hiring individuals with diverse backgrounds is just a small piece of the puzzle. Organizations truly focused on diversity and inclusion go beyond investing in blanket diversity initiatives and instead work towards lasting cultural change among their talent. The entire workforce knows they have responsibility for respecting, embracing and building on people’s differences.

Our speakers will address how employees and employers can help foster true diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and why having a culture of equality has become fundamental criteria to the leaders of tomorrow.



  • Emily P., Founder of Women in STEM Society, University of Essex
  • Jane Ayaduray, Global Director of Diversity and Inclusion, White & Case LLP

Attracting the Female GRC Leaders of Tomorrow
15:25 - 16:10

Encouraging more women to apply for more technical roles continues to be a challenge in all sectors. According to a recent Tech Nation report, just 19% of people working in the tech sectors in the UK are female.

Stereotypically, men are more likely to go for a technical role, but the demand for data science to become more inclusive and representative is growing.

Leaders in GRC roles will share their experience of progression in their careers and what advice and guidance they would give to younger women to look at developing a career in Governance, Risk and Compliance.




Closing Statement
16:10 - 16:15