#RISK – Europe’s Leading Risk-Focused Expo: November 16 & 17, ExCeL, London

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Taking place as part of #RISK, the Data Protection & Privacy Hub in association with PrivSec will deliver high-level thought leadership, presentations and panel discussions on the increasingly complex international privacy environment and showcase evolving best practices.

  • The ROI of privacy
  • Privacy ethics
  • Creating a culture of privacy
  • Digital trust 
  • Privacy for marketing 
  • Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs)
  • Third-party risk management 
  • International data transfers
  • Digital identity 
  • UK data protection updates
  • Data centres and ESG
  • The post-cookie landscape
  • AI driven surveillance 
  • America’s varying privacy laws

The strapline for #RISK is:

“Risk is now everyone’s business”.

However, many organisations still take a fragmented approach to risk management. Different departments (legal, sales, finance, compliance, HR, audit, procurement) are often handling risks differently and in isolation. 

→ #RISK: Europe’s Leading Risk Focused EXPO - November 16 & 17, Excel, London

→ #RISK is where the whole ‘risk’ community comes together to meet, debate, and learn, to break down silos and improve decision-making. Five content hubs with insightful sessions, case studies, networking, high level thought leadership presentations and panel discussions.


How do we change this approach and tear down the silos?

#RISK will address the big issues: Five content hubs (ESG, Cyber Security, Financial Risk, GRC and Data Protection & Privacy) with insightful sessions, case studies, networking, high-level thought leadership presentations and panel discussions.

In addition to the subject matter and technical experts in the ‘hubs’, speakers in the keynote theatre will address:

  • The UK’s ‘dirty money’ scandal 
  • Geopolitical risks 
  • Carbon footprint of crypto assets 
  • How to manage risk by working collaboratively
  • Whistle blowing 
  • Loss prevention, fraud, and cybersecurity 
  • The biggest challenges in the current IT landscape 
  • Inflation and supply chain issues 
  • Risk lessons from the world of sport 
  • How the UK Intends to Reform Data Protection Law 
  • Digital transformation & GRC 

→ #RISK: Europe’s Leading Risk Focused EXPO - November 16 & 17, Excel, London

Risk is now everyone’s business