PrivSec Global is the largest data protection, privacy and security event on the planet, addressing the issues, challenges and opportunities globally.

This livestream experience brings together subject matter experts, industry leaders and academics from around the world for 2 days of up-to-the-minute content, advice and guidance.

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30 November-1 December 2021

  • 2 Days
  • 48+ Hours of Content
  • 52+ Sessions
  • 120+ Speakers

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PrivSec Global September will keep you up to date with the latest developments, strategies and insights across data protection, privacy and security.

This two day event will focus on four vital areas:

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Our core agenda, bringing expert insights on the fast-developing fields of privacy and security

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PrivSec Business Continuity

Business Continuity strategies should be top of mind for every organisation. Threat actors are constantly learning new ways to take down businesses—and even a short outage can be devastating in a data and communications-driven world. 

Join leaders and innovators in the field of Business Continuity and discover new ways to mitigate the damage caused by a successful attack or an unexpected event affecting your organisation.

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PrivSec RegTech

RegTech is transforming how organisations meet compliance demands, improve productivity and fulfil their social obligations to detect and prevent criminal activity.

 But as technical solutions improve, important questions remain about how they impact organisations’ security and resilience—and consumers’ privacy rights.

Join RegTech industry leaders as they discuss, debate and educate on the practical and legal issues surrounding this exciting and fast-developing field—and learn key insights to help enhance your organisation’s compliance strategy. 

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PrivSec Enterprise Risk Management

Vulnerabilities are impacting organisations at all stages of the supply chain like never before—and governments worldwide are imposing increasingly tough sanctions for those enterprises that fail to appropriately manage risk.

Enterprise Risk Management has become an extremely complex and demanding process. PrivSec Enterprise Risk Management will provide practical guidance and thought-provoking discussions to help you identify, evaluate and mitigate organisational risk.

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Tune in Live and On-Demand

PrivSec Global offers two days of editorial driven content, alongside virtual networking and fireside chats, all delivered from the comfort of your own home or office.

  1. Compare and learn from organisations in your industry or sector
  2. Hear case studies from industry leading experts from around the globe
  3. Gain up-to-the-minute knowledge, insight and advice
  4. Access over 48+ hours of content
  5. Network with peers without geographical barriers
  6. Be part of one of the largest data protection, privacy and security event communties

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