We are very happy to announce that business leader, Ira Goel will speak at PrivSec Global, this month.

Streaming live May 22 and 23, PrivSec Global unites experts from both Privacy and Security, providing a forum where professionals across both fields can listen, learn and debate the central role that Privacy, Security and GRC play in business today.

Ira Goel is a data protection, risk, and compliance evangelist focusing on strategic plans for information security and data protection for businesses. She achieves this by connecting the dots vertically and laterally for the programs and business to be effective, efficient, and successful.

Ira appears exclusively at PrivSec Global to discuss the EU’s AI Act and what organisations need to do to get compliance right.

Below, Ira answers questions on her professional journey and the themes of her PrivSec Global session.

Could you briefly outline your career pathway so far?

Coming from an engineering and data background, I have over 18 years’ experience in the field of data management, cybersecurity, data protection and risk management.

Working globally in India, US, UK and EU has given me a unique perspective to understand cultures and how people think generally to facilitate strategic conversations and how businesses can connect the dots to be more effective efficient, secure and compliant.

Where are we at currently in terms of registering AI-generated content, and what benefits would the process bring?

We have long ways to go when it comes to registering content in general let alone AI-generated content.

Since social media platform has made the accessibility of content easier, it has also made it difficult to separate real from fake information. Protecting IP and copyright has always been a challenge. It has become more so with AI.

What are the primary steps that regulators and organizations should be taking to guard against misinformation spread through AI?

In my personal and professional opinion, standards, regulations, regulators and organizations must include measures for authenticity to promote safeguarding from misinformation and fake information.

Don’t miss Ira Goel debating these issues in depth in the PrivSec Global panel: Navigating the EU AI Act: Safeguarding Privacy and Security.

Explore the EU AI Act’s impact on privacy and security in this dynamic session. Uncover its core principles, regulatory mechanisms, and practical implications for businesses and citizens.

Through real-world examples, discover how compliance fosters transparency and accountability while mitigating risks in AI-driven decision-making. Engage in discussions on navigating the complexities of privacy and security, gaining insights to thrive in the evolving AI regulatory landscape. 




Session: Navigating the EU AI Act: Safeguarding Privacy and Security.

Time: 10:00 –10:45 GMT

Date: Wednesday 22 May 2024

The session sits within a packed two-day agenda of insight and guidance at PrivSec Global, livestreaming through Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 May, 2024.

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