Diligent ESG Commercial Director, former CEO/Founder of Accuvio

Adrian is a father of two, self confessed sports mad, technology enthusiast with a passion for Environmental conservation. 

He combines this unique combination of interests with a passion for using Easy-to-Use technology to enable large organisations do more to improve their impact on the environment, the economy and society in general. Adrian’s background prior to founding Accuvio was in technical architecture with Accenture, and Dell as a Software Development project manager after completing his BSc Degree in Computer Science at UCD. 

It was on this career journey that he encountered the challenge of Sustainability reporting across global organisations which lead to his light bulb moment that it needs to be made easier, for such accountability to be “main stream”.  He was also involved in the early days of CoderDojo.com, a volunteer-led worldwide charity that teaches children from ages 6 - 14 how to develop software and electronics. 


My Sessions

Beyond the Framework: Embedding ESG principles in your company

8 December 2021, 18:30 - 19:20


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