Senior Manager, Security Consulting, Accenture Switzerland

Yanya Viskovich is a cyber resilience specialist and a keynote and TEDx speaker who focuses on the human factor in cyber. Her interdisciplinary, human-centered, and organisational systems-thinking approach to cyber resilience is shaped by 17 years’ experience in large global organisations in the private and public sectors in Switzerland, the Middle East, the Americas and Australia - in a variety of legal, strategic, policy and operational roles - including in the United Nations and the ICRC. Her experience includes presenting to and advising Boards and C-Suite/CISOs, cyber crisis simulations and tabletop exercises, crisis contingency planning, developing and delivering security awareness and GRC training programs and organisational culture workshops, change management processes and digital transformations, and as an in-house advisor on cyber and data risks and regulatory requirements. She began her career in Australia as a prosecutor, where her portfolio included prosecuting cybercrime, advising Australia’s Federal Privacy Commissioner, and leading capacity-building projects for law enforcement agencies. Yanya resides in Zürich, Switzerland, where she is a Senior Manager in Security Consulting at Accenture. She also serves as the Swiss Cyber Institute’s Chair of Cyber Law and Governance Working Group, furthering dialogue and thought leadership in this area, is an Advisory Board Member of IDC Europe CISO Summits, and has served as an expert ethics advisor to the European Commission’s HorizonEurope programme. She has guest lectured at the European Centre for Privacy & Cybersecurity and at the University of St. Gallen.

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EU Security Compliance: Cyber Resilience Act, NIS 2 and Beyond

Wednesday 17th May 2023, 16:00 - 16:45 GMT

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