Web3 Marketer & Advisor

Whitney has 6+ years experience working in brand, content and creative marketing roles at Web3 and tech startup companies (where she’s had to wear many hats at a time). She specialises in growing early teams within the tech and Web3 space and is passionate about driving the widespread adoption of advanced digital technologies. 

Her experience ranges from developing go-to-market plans including persona mapping and competitive analysis, client case studies, market research, product positioning, and driving creative content workflows for new marketing collateral/sales enablement materials. 

She is Founder of Omniverse Agency & CryptoSessions providing education to beginners in the Web3 space. Whitney is passionate about neurodiversity awareness, inclusion in the workplace - as well as being a keen believer in eradicating imposter syndrome to achieve success and build something special.

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My Sessions

How can we ensure the metaverse is open, safe and accessible?

Thursday 18th May 2023, 17:30 - 18:15 GMT


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