Managing Director, 1st Life Group

Toni McLelland MSc resides in London England UK and spends time in Wales. She is a Critical Friend and Business Mentor as well as founder of The Compassionate Business and Leadership Framework. Toni assists C Suite Leaders and Boards to navigate  the world of business, crisis and change management in her work around organisational culture  Toni has a wealth of knowledge and experience in Social Impact, Social Justice and Social Mobility from her work in central government spanning over two decades.  She uses Diversity Equity and Inclusion as well as  Compassionate Leadership approaches to underpin her work and get results in major incidents. Tonis work is solution focused using human centred approaches and she has developed a toolkit that assesses behaviour learning environment and networks for best results. She is a champion for  Diversity Equity  and Inclusion practices  with  her specialist knowledge in Social Care, SEND, Specialist Education Youth and Criminal Justice. Empowerment is embedded within her work as a management consultant and inspirational speaker, and she has she been described as fairy dust personified as she shares her #TonisFairyDust in abundance with others.

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My Sessions

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Security: Closing the Gap

30 June 2022, 15:00 - 15:45 BST


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