Senior Manager Data Behaviours & Culture, Data Legal, Compliance & Assurance, BT Group

BT & Industry Subject Matter Expert Human Behaviours, Social Engineering, Insider Threat Behaviours

  • 25 years BT

  • 11 + Years Cyber, Physical, Data security

  • 20 + years Behavioural change, leadership development, coaching, communication  

  • 20 + years Behavioural psychology Cyber Psychology, Behavioural science    

  • Own and run the 2nd line social engineering assurance program for BT group, Testing sites stores contact centres, Phishing, Vishing, Social media, face to face. Bringing assurance and education together

  • Created annual employee mandatory social engineering online training for BT (Don’t feed the ish) Delivered in person bespoke social engineering training to over 30,000 global employees

  • Winner of the PICCASO Best Educator Award 2022 along with the ICA highly commended award for best educator 2022

  • Shorlisted finalist 2023 for PICCASO Best Culture Initiative and Business Culture Awards’ Best Culture Initiative 

Michael Fortune

My Sessions

Social Media Scams: A New Social Engineering Battleground

Day 2, Thursday 30th November 2023, 16:00pm - 16:45pm GMT

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