Security Director (Cyber) at AT&T

Joshua Copeland is a battle-tested cybersecurity expert with a wealth of experience in the field. Currently serving as a Security Director (Cyber) at AT&T, he plays a pivotal role in guiding security solutions for SLTT (State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial) organizations. Prior to his tenure at AT&T, Joshua worked at GDIT, focusing on cloud platform and cloud platform security within the federal space. With an impressive 20-year career in the United States Air Force, he retired, having honed his leadership skills and amassed extensive experience in team management and compliance/security. Renowned for his thought-provoking viewpoints on cybersecurity, hiring practices, leadership, and breaking into the field, Joshua is widely recognized as a purveyor of “Unpopular Opinion.”  Joshua is additionally an Adjunct at Tulane University with a focus on teaching Cyber Crime and Cyber Leadership.

Joshua Copeland

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Ransomware as a service (RaaS)

Day 2, Thursday 30th November 2023, 15:00pm - 15:45pm GMT

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