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Elsine van Os is the owner of insider risk management firm, Signpost Six. She is a clinical psychologist and intelligence and security specialist and a recognized leader in insider risk management and gives keynotes on this topic all over the world. Elsine has worked on high-profile assignments for the Dutch Ministry of Defense and Shell International, where she held global responsibility for security threat assessments. She worked as an intelligence and security specialist in over 50 countries. She is especially known for her work in high-risk regions such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria and Colombia. Elsine works on mitigating threats from nation state espionage and organised crime at multinational organisations. Elsine has several academic affiliations, among others with the Dutch Defence Academy and she is a peer reviewer of the Counter-Insider Threat Research and Practice in the US. She is the owner of Signpost Film Productions that released a documentary about Edward Snowden in 2018.

Elsine Van Os

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Preventing Insider Threats Without Compromising Workflow

Wednesday 17th May 2023, 17:30 - 18:15 GMT


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