To manage or not to manage—there really is no choice between the two for today’s enterprises.

Employees, contractors, partners, and others are bringing in personal devices and connecting to the corporate network for professional and personal reasons.

The challenge with BYOD is not whether outside devices are brought into the enterprise network, but whether IT can react quickly enough to protect the organization’s business assets—without disrupting employee productivity and while offering freedom of choice.

Nearly every company has some sort of BYOD policy that allows users to access secure resources from their own devices. However, accessing internal and SaaS applications on a mobile device can be more cumbersome than doing so from a networked laptop or desktop workstation. In addition, IT staff may struggle to manage who has access privileges to corporate data and which devices they’re using to access it.


Wednesday, 08 September, 12:15 PM - 01:00 PM (BST)

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Paul Wilkinson, IAM Director, The Very Groups

Ashton D’Cruz, Director, NatWest Markets Plc – India

Samantha Simms, CEO, The Information CollectiveB

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