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30 November - 1 December 2021 


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Data protection, privacy and security are an increasingly integral part of organisations’ operations.

As regulation gets stricter—and data and tech become more and more crucial—a network of privacy, security, and risk professionals is growing and flourishing.

And it’s clearer than ever that the skills required in each of these areas are not only connected—they’re inseparable.

PrivSec Global has long united experts from both privacy and security, providing a forum where professionals from across these fields can listen, learn, and debate.

In recognition of the central role that privacy, security and GRC play in so many business domains, PrivSec Global November is broadening its agenda even further.

‘one of the must-attend events for privacy, data protection and security professionals in the world’.


PrivSec Global November 2021


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This two-day event will focus on four vital areas:

PrivSec Global


Our core agenda, bringing expert insights on the fast-developing fields of privacy and security

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PrivSec Business Continuity Global


PrivSec Business Continuity forms part of PrivSec Global

Business Continuity strategies should be top of mind for every organisation. Threat actors are constantly learning new ways to take down businesses—and even a short outage can be devastating in a data and communications-driven world.

Join leaders and innovators in the field of Business Continuity and discover new ways to mitigate the damage caused by a successful attack or an unexpected event affecting your organisation.

PrivSec Business Continuity Agenda

PrivSec RegTech Global


PrivSec RegTech forms part of PrivSec Global

RegTech is transforming how organisations meet compliance demands, improve productivity and fulfil their social obligations to detect and prevent criminal activity.

But as technical solutions improve, important questions remain about how they impact organisations’ security and resilience—and consumers’ privacy rights.

Join RegTech industry leaders as they discuss, debate and educate on the practical and legal issues surrounding this exciting and fast-developing field—and learn key insights to help enhance your organisation’s compliance strategy. 

PrivSec RegTech Agenda

PrivSec Enterprise Risk Global


PrivSec Enterprise Risk Management forms part of PrivSec Global

Vulnerabilities are impacting organisations at all stages of the supply chain like never before—and governments worldwide are imposing increasingly tough sanctions for those enterprises that fail to appropriately manage risk.

Enterprise Risk Management has become an extremely complex and demanding process. PrivSec Enterprise Risk Management will provide practical guidance and thought-provoking discussions to help you identify, evaluate and mitigate organisational risk.

Enterprise Risk Management Agenda


The community understands how GRC professionals don’t work in isolation. PrivSec Global November will bring together its most diverse audience yet to explore what these fields share, where they differ, and how they can learn from one another.


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Topics Include: 

The Future of Data Protection and Privacy Law

Data protection law has grown into a flourishing and vital area of legal practice and regulatory oversight. But the rules change on a near-daily basis—and approaches continue to vary considerably between jurisdictions.

With consumer data protection law strengthening in countries like China and Brazil—but possibly liberalising in the UK - PrivSec Global will draw on expert analyses to help data protection and privacy professionals prepare for the future.

Digital Identity

The question of how to deliver secure digital identity permeates through many fields -from payment processing to access management to government services. But beyond security, the question of how—or whether—individuals should be tied to a single digital identity raises ethical and privacy issues, too.

PrivSec Global will consider how various fields approach the topic digital identity, and look at how secure and proficient implementation of digital identity can improve trust and efficiency.

Trust and Transparency

Trust is a crucial part of your organisation’s relationship with its customers. Transparency - the key to earning consumer trust—is a legal requirement. And embracing trust and transparency can help your organisation thrive in the digital age. Run down the list of GDPR fines and privacy class actions—you’ll see that a lack of transparency remains one of the main stumbling blocks for businesses’ compliance regimes.

PrivSec Global will explore how trust and transparency permeate all aspects of governance, risk, and compliance—and provide practical guidance for how your organisation can earn the trust of its stakeholders.

Privacy and Security in AI Systems

Think AI, security, and data protection are entirely separate fields? Think again. The complex processing of personal data that fuels AI systems will be the number one concern for many privacy and security professionals over the coming years.

PrivSec Global will explore the crucial role of data protection and cybersecurity professionals in ensuring AI systems are private, unbiased, and secure - and consider how you can secure your place in this increasingly important field.

The Future of Digital Advertising

Rumours of the death of the third-party cookie may have been greatly exaggerated, with Google’s FLoC proposals being repeatedly delayed and the UK planning to liberalise online consent rules. But forward-thinking businesses should still be preparing for a digital advertising space designed to appease increasingly privacy-conscious consumers.

PrivSec Global will consider what lies ahead for the multi-billion dollar digital advertising industry, and offer guidance on how businesses can continue to advertise online in a more ethical and trustworthy way.

Data and Security in Emerging Technologies

Data protection and security are crucial considerations when developing nascent or innovative technologies. If our homes, cities, roads, and workplaces are to be inseparably connected to autonomous devices and vehicles, building in privacy and security from the start is essential.

PrivSec Global will explore how the fields of data protection, data science, and cybersecurity form a crucial part of increasingly important innovative technologies—from IoT to blockchain to autonomous drones and vehicles.

Securing your Supply Chain

The SolarWinds and Kaseya attacks brought supply chain attacks into mainstream awareness. But this threat isn’t new. So why do organisations continue to struggle to secure their supply chains?

From software supply chain attacks to third-party risk management strategies, PrivSec Global will provide expert, practical guidance on how your business can protect itself, its partners, and its customers from this increasingly widespread and harmful threat.

The Global Cyber-Pandemic

With daily reports of data breaches harming thousands of consumers, ransomware attacks affecting critical infrastructure, and state-sponsored hackers intercepting private communications, it’s easy to believe that the cybercriminals are winning.

But the cyber-pandemic meets a powerful resistance: highly-trained security professionals, ethical hackers, and innovative technologies designed to help society stay one step ahead of the threat actors.

PrivSec Global will explore how the threat landscape has emerged over recent months - and how people and technology can help us maintain control.

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