In a joint effort, the FBI and Japanese police have issued a cybersecurity advisory alerting multinational companies to the activities of the hacking group, BlackTech. 

In a joint effort, the FBI and Japanese police have issued a cybersecurity advisory alerting multinational companies to the activities of the hacking group, BlackTech. 

The messages, supported by the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and its equivalent agency in Japan, are now encouraging businesses worldwide to check over all subsidiary internet routers to minimise the risk of potential attacks from BlackTech group, believed to be linked to China.

In an official statement, the advisory disclosed that BlackTech possesses advanced capabilities, including the ability to modify router firmware without detection. The group manipulates routers’ domain-trust relationships to target key headquarters in Japan and the US.

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BlackTech has a history of cyberattacks dating back to 2010, taking aim at governments and tech firms in the US and East Asia. Japan’s National Police Agency has confirmed BlackTech’s involvement in these cybercrimes.

Notably, three years ago, security agencies in Taiwan reported cyber-strikes on the email accounts of around 6,000 government figures, attributing the attacks to BlackTech and another group called Taidoor, both of whom are allegedly supported by the Chinese Communist Party. 

The official warnings come amid times of pressured relationships between the United States and China, particularly in relation to issues such as Taiwan. FBI head, Chris Wray spoke at the start of September about a significant cyberattack threat coming out of China, stating that the nation’s hacking program surpasses that of all other big nations put together.

Earlier this year, cybersecurity authorities from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Britain joined forces with US departments to put out a joint warning about China’s “state-sponsored cyber actor” activities. Japan, an important US ally in East Asia alongside South Korea, faced cyber threats allegedly originating from Chinese military hackers in 2020.

Despite these challenges, the Pentagon has underlined its ongoing faith in sharing intelligence with Japan.


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As international tensions rise, the world watches to see how governments and business communities respond to hacking risks. 

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Alex Hollis, Advisory Systems Engineer, Archer

Agility, Resilience and Foresight: Risk Management for Today and Tomorrow.

Date: Wednesday 18 October

Location: GRC Theatre 

Time: 11:45 – 12:15

ESG, operational resilience, regulatory change and a host of other challenges have made risk management an even more critical part of an organisation’s success. Leaders are seeking agility, resilience and foresight to navigate volatile times and risk management is on the forefront of their efforts. 

In this presentation, Advisory Systems Engineer at Archer, Alex Hollis explores ingredients to a risk management strategy that can meet today’s uncertainty.

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Alastair Campbell

Alastair Campbell, Writer, Communicator, and Strategist

Alastair Campbell: Keynote – Geopolitical Risks

Date: Wednesday 18 October

Location: #RISK Theatre

Time: 12:15 – 12:45 

The former British Prime Minister spokesperson, writer, author and strategist gives his outlook in this exclusive keynote.




Glenn Wilkinson, ethical hacker

Glenn Wilkinson: Keynote – Hacker Evolution: From Mainframes to Ransomware

Date: Thursday 19 October

Location: Security Theatre

Time: 11:00 – 12:00

Ever since the first hackers bypassed software copy protection on Atari 800s and Apple II there has been an arms race back and forth between attackers and defenders, with defenders constantly raising the bar, and attackers jumping over, walking around, or simply removing the bar. With the advent of the internet and our modern connected lives this dynamic has only intensified with data leaks, compromises, and ransomware a commonplace headline in today’s world.

This talk by ethical hacker, Glenn Wilkinson will lift the veil on the evolution of computer hacking.


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