Co-founder & CTO, MyShubhLife

Building the next generation technology & analytics platform to bring responsible credit to the underserved. Enabling the team at MyShubhLife execute their innovative ideas and solve the credit problem in India. Hands-on leader managing Software Development, Product Management & Finance functions. Director at Ekagrata Finance, a fully owned NBFC subsidiary.

13+ years experience in Finance & Technology. Built and lead various teams at Goldman Sachs in the areas of Algorithmic Trading, Derivative Pricing, Quantitative Investments, Risk & Attribution Models, Realtime analytics on large datasets. Competitive programmer, represented India at various international events. Graduated from IIT Madras with a Bachelors in Technology.

rahul sekar

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Developments in Credit Solutions esp. BNPL in Apac

Oct 27, 2021 8:30 AM

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