Working from home has been hugely beneficial for many men and women. However, as more people remain working from home due to increased flexibility, it can be challenging to remain visible in an organisation when compared to those who return to work fully.

Studies show that women often feel that they are spoken over in meetings and particularly during the pandemic. Meetings on Zoom and teams pose an even harder challenge, as research shows that virtual meetings are not necessarily a level playing field for women in meetings.

Remaining visible, being included, recognised, and valued by networks within your organisation is essential for career success for you to get proper credit for your work and considered for advancement.

Research shows that remote team members who don’t feel “seen” are less collaborative, innovative, and supportive of each other. This panel will look at ways in which women can remain visible while continuing to work at home.

To create an equal playing field for those working remotely and those working in the office.