MGM Resorts International has announced that a cyberattack the casino suffered last month has dealt a significant blow to its Q3 results, estimating a staggering $100 million hit.


MGM Casino Cyberattack: The attack forced the gambling icon to take systems offline, causing disruption across its operations. At ground level, customers in Las Vegas reported error messages on slot machines and long queues at hotels, forcing the company to take immediate action to contain the damage.

The breach was the product of a partnership between AlphV and another hacking group, Scattered Spider. The perpetrators managed to access private data of customers who used MGM services before March 2019, including contact details, gender, date of birth, and driver’s license numbers. 

While MGM believes a limited number of social security numbers and passport numbers were also obtained, they stated that there’s no evidence of the stolen data being used for identity theft or account fraud.

MGM confirmed that no customer bank account numbers or payment card information were compromised, and data from its luxury resort hotel, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, remained secure.

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Incident Response Planning: Developing a Playbook

Wednesday 18th October 2023, 15:00 - 16:00pm BST
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Despite the failure, MGM has expressed confidence in its ability to recover, stating that virtually all guest-facing systems have been restored. However, the company anticipates a negative impact on its Las Vegas Strip division’s adjusted property core profit, leading to a dip in total occupancy for October.

Presently investigating the breach, the FBI has underlined the growing threat of cybercrime against large organisations. Particular focus has fallen on the Scattered Spider group whose sophisticated social engineering scams are getting around more and more digital defences.

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Incident Response Planning: Developing a Playbook

Wednesday 18th October 2023, 15:00 - 16:00pm BST
Security Theatre

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