Amazon has launched a new data for cash scheme called Amazon Shopper Panel where users can volunteer their shopping habit data for rewards.

The opt-in and invite-only programme, Amazon Shopper Panel, is available in the US for both iOS and Android users. Users are required to upload 10 receipts per month for any purchases made at non-Amazon retailers, including grocery stores, department stores, drug stores and movie theatres and restaurants. Interested users can join a waiting list through the app.

Users can upload receipts of their transactions or forward receipts via email to Users can receive a $10 reward that can be applied to their Amazon Balance or donated to a charity. 

Additionally, users can earn extra rewards through completing an optional survey about their feelings towards particular ads, their brand and product preferences and the likelihood of them purchasing an item. 

Amazon claims sensitive information from receipts uploaded will be deleted, like prescription information. However, this reportedly does not include users’ personal information, which is stored  in accordance with its Privacy Policy. Users can delete receipts they have previously uploaded. 

According to its website, Amazon says the data “may” be used to:

  • measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns to help advertisers understand the relationship between ads and product purchases at an aggregate level
  • build models about which groups of customers are likely to be interested in certain products; give brands feedback on new or existing products and help advertisers understand how customers respond to ads
  • improve the product selection on and affiliate stores such as Whole Foods Market and to improve the content offered through Amazon services such as Prime Video.

It states that individual survey responses and personal information collected via the Amazon Shopper Panel will not be shared with third parties.

“In this incredibly competitive retail environment, Amazon works with brands of all sizes to help them grow their businesses not just in our store, but also across the myriad of places customers shop. We also work hard to provide our selling partners — and small businesses in particular — with tools, insights and data to help them be successful in our store.”

Amazon stated