Legal Academic 

Sriya is a lawyer and legal academic based out of India. She is currently a Fellow at a law school in India, and pursuing an LLM (Master of Laws) program in Innovation, Technology and the Law from the University of Edinburgh.

Her research spans data protection and privacy legal theory and compliance, examining regulation and innovation as co-dependent processes, and the dynamics between information, power, and society.

She was previously a practicing technology and data protection lawyer at a leading law firm and in-house counsel with a fintech company, experienced in advising on the regulation of emerging technologies, legal issues in relation to product development and data handling, technology contracting, regulatory compliance and policy advisory. She has worked on the development of India’s Data Empowerment Architecture Framework, surveillance law reform, cybersecurity policies and Digital Public Infrastructure.


My Sessions

Consumer Privacy Rights in the Digital Age

Wednesday 3rd July 2024, 9:30am - 10:15am BST