Director of UKI, SoSafe

Richard Jerome is the Director of UKI at SoSafe, one of Europe’s leading security awareness providers. He is an experienced SaaS leader with a broad background - from cyber security to enterprise video to data integration.

Richard has spent the past decade working in founder-led start-up and scale-up organisations. With his experience in perimeter security, application security and security awareness, Richard has a deep understanding of cyber defense.

As the human factor is still the primary gateway for cybercriminals, Richard has grown a huge passion for helping organisations reduce Human Layer risk. He’s a strong advocate of using behavioural science and learning psychology to establish secure behaviours and sustainable security cultures within organizations.

Richard Jerome

My Sessions

Social Engineering: How Phishing Attacks Are Getting Better, and What to Do About It

Day 1, Wednesday 19th September 2023, 11:50 AM - 12:35 BST


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