Senior Information Security Consultant

Mike Boutwell, an esteemed expert in information security and risk management, whose career spans over 15 years in security and 10 years in risk management. Mike’s journey in this field has seen him make significant contributions to leading companies such as Cisco, AT&T, IBM, Kyndryl, First Data, and Euroclear.

Specializing in the intersection of artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, Mike has developed a niche in identifying and mitigating the unique cyber risks presented by AI technologies. His experience in this area is extensive, demonstrating a profound understanding of how AI systems can be exploited and how to protect against these vulnerabilities.

Mike’s commitment to enhancing security in the financial services sector has led him to focus on integrating AI risk management into existing security frameworks. This includes adapting traditional methods and implementing innovative strategies to address the evolving landscape of AI-driven threats. 

Key achievements in Mike’s career include:

- Playing a crucial role in identifying and mitigating AI-related cyber risks, ensuring the security of significant digital assets.

- Leading pioneering projects in AI and cybersecurity, including collaborations with renowned vendors on AI risk management.

- Maintaining high security compliance rates in various enterprises, despite the complex challenges introduced by AI technologies.

- Contributing to the development of groundbreaking solutions in AI-driven cybersecurity.

- Authoring thought-provoking publications that explore the intricate relationship between AI and cybersecurity. 

Mike’s pragmatic and forward-thinking approach to AI in cybersecurity makes him a valuable asset in any discussion about information security. His ability to translate complex AI security concepts into practical and actionable insights is particularly noteworthy. As a speaker, Mike looks forward to sharing his knowledge and experience, offering tangible solutions to the challenges posed by AI in the realm of cybersecurity.



My Sessions

Harmonising Progress and Security: Exploring the Confluence of AI and Third-Party Risk Management

Tuesday 13th February 2024, 1:00pm - 1:30pm GMT