Chief Risk Officer, Communisis

Michelle joined Communisis in February 2016 to build a Risk Framework that would support Communisis delivery of critical communications to the customers of regulated clients. Having done that she moved to her current position as Chief Risk Officer at the end of 2018 to ensure that Communisis effectively managed risk across the whole business. She is currently responsible for Operational Risk, Business Continuity Governance, Data Protection – as company DPO, and Information Security Governance  

Michelle’s previous experience in Financial Services included a wide range of activities including project governance, Lean Sigma, Supplier Management and customer facing roles. Michelle worked in ‘Group Risk’ in one of the major UK Banks where she developed a new process to assess and approve banking products. She uses her experience to bring a practical and pragmatic approach to risk management within Communisis balancing the needs of highly regulated clients with the practicalities of the business. 

Michelle is a passionate advocate for the use of risk management to continually improve and grow the business rather than it being simply to achieve standards or tick boxes purely for compliance purposes.


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