a.k.a The Privacy CIO, Author, CISO Redefined, Consultant and Founding Member, The Privacy Panel

Martin was CIO for a global media network for nearly two decades, CISO and global director of security, privacy, and business protection for the same, head of global technical strategies for a major bank, and Vice Chair of a US State Department Overseas Security Advisory Council Industry Group. Martin is the Founder and Executive of Cyberite LLC, a Privacy, Business Risk and Data Protection Consultancy focused on privacy and enabling the digital transformation and globalization of business, a Senior Privacy Consultant with TrustArc, IANS faculty member and ‘Ask an Expert’ advisor, and an active speaker, panelist, and writer. He has provided guidance to more than 70 companies across the US, Europe, and Asia on maturing privacy and data protection and absorbing complex privacy regulations into the fabric of an operating business.

Martin Gomberg

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