Data Protection Officer, Best Companies Ltd.

“Forget the Framework, Systems, Policies and Procedures, if you haven’t got the right culture, the rest of it won’t matter.” 

Eleanor Dowsett is the Data Protection Officer at Best Companies, the organisation that exists to make the world a better workplace. With 20 years’ experience working across retail, finance and technology, Ellie is passionate about giving back to industry as a Cyber Wales cluster manager for Data Protection and Ethics. Ellie champions the importance of a great culture in every organisation, dropping the jargon, spreading the joy of data protection and inspiring us all to think differently. Outside of data protection, Ellie enjoys competitive sailing in the summer, with the winter months swapped out for mostly dry slope skiing. Feel free to connect with Ellie on LinkedIn:

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My Sessions

Strategic Business Decisions to Implement a Data Protection and Security Culture

26th January 2023, 06:00 - 06:45 GMT

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