Cybersecurity Consultant

Anne-Marie O’Donnell is a Cybersecurity Consultant working for BH Consulting since 2019 and during this time completed a Master’s Degree in Applied Cybersecurity. As a Cyber Security Consultant, Anne Marie’s work involves technical testing of systems and projects , conducting Vulnerability Assessments, Simulated Phishing Campaigns and Technical Security Assessment for varying clients.

Anne Marie is passionate about Cybersecurity and in her spare time volunteers to help organise and operate the annual ZeroDays Capture the Flag competition, bringing Cybersecurity to college students as well as exposing Transition Year students to a world of Cybersecurity as a potential career.

She was also nominated for the Unsung Heroes Rising Star Award in 2022 and Most Inspiring Woman in Cybersecurity in 2022.

Anne-Marie Odonnell

My Sessions

Social Engineering: How Phishing Attacks Are Getting Better, and What to Do About It

Day 1, Wednesday 19th September 2023, 11:50 AM - 12:40 BST


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