We are delighted to confirm that GRC & AI Trustworthiness Specialist, Sabrina Palme will speak at #RISK A.I. Digital, this week.

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Across two days at #RISK A.I. Digital, thought leaders, industry experts and senior professionals will provide their insight, enabling audiences to understand how to mitigate risk, comply with regulations and achieve robust governance over AI.

Event speaker, Sabrina Palme is CEO and Founder at Palqee. An experienced GRC leader, Sabrina is recognised among the ‘100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics’, an ART/1 BSI AI Committee Member and a self-taught data scientist.

Sabrina will be at #RISK A.I. Digital to discuss ISO42001, the world’s first AI management system standard. Below, she goes over her professional journey and introduces the key issues.

ISO42001: A standard for Artificial Intelligence Management Systems 

  • Time: 17:45 – 18:10 GMT
  • Date: Thursday 21 March (Day 2)

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Could you outline your career so far?

After my MBA at HULT in China in 2015, I moved to London and have worked primarily in technology and innovation specialising in Data Protection, Information Security. For the past 18 months, I have been involved with AI Trustworthiness, having worked with start-ups, international organisations and family offices.

In 2019, I co-founded Palqee to help businesses build trusted relationships with their customers through the most intuitive GRC automation and collaboration software solutions. Headquartered in the UK we have a subsidiary in Brazil and customers across Europe, the US and Brazil serving over 14,000 users on our platform.

As a self-taught data scientist and certified Data Compliance Officer, I have in-depth technical and regulatory expertise, leading the development of novel solutions that support businesses with implementing measures for explainable and transparent AI. I’m also a technical committee member of BSI Art/1 for AI and expert member at the European standards organisation CEN-CENELEC JTC 21 for AI.

ISO/IEC 42001 is the world’s first standard for Artificial Intelligence Management Systems – why is the standard so important?

Lack of trust [in AI] is a major barrier to its adoption. In this context, standards play a crucial role by providing a benchmark for quality, thus serving as essential guidance for organisations.

By adhering to these standards, organisations can establish credibility and trust with their stakeholders, effectively bridging the gap created by scepticism towards AI. With the EU AI Act on the horizon, regulatory pressure to implement measures for trustworthy AI increases. ISO 42001 offers a blueprint or starting point for organisations seeking to navigate these challenges.

What are key considerations that organisations must make in order to successfully implement the new standard?

Leadership needs to be involved and clear direction must be given regarding approach and strategy for AI. Without clear direction, it will be hard to implement the standard successfully.

Implementing the standard makes sense if the organisation develops and/or deploys third-party AI systems. In addition, businesses will need to take a holistic and interconnected approach. The standard includes controls covering data ethics, data protection and information security.

Sabrina Palme explores these issues in depth at #RISK A.I. Digital in the session: Intro to ISO42001: A standard for Artificial Intelligence Management Systems.

Join us for a focused discussion with experts from the BSI Artificial Intelligence Standards Development Technical Committee who have been instrumental in shaping ISO/IEC 42001, the world’s first standard for Artificial Intelligence Management Systems.


  • What ISO 42001 entails and who should implement it.
  • Its global significance and alignment with international standards.
  • How it interfaces with upcoming regulations like the EU AI Act.
  • Insights into the standard’s framework.
  • Key considerations for successful implementation, catering to both SMEs and enterprises.
  • Gain a deep understanding of AI risk management through ISO/IEC 42001, and position your organisation at the forefront of responsible AI adoption.

Also on the panel…


ISO42001: A standard for Artificial Intelligence Management Systems 

  • Time: 17:45 – 18:10 GMT
  • Date: Thursday 21 March (Day 2)


The session sits within a packed agenda of insight and guidance at #RISK A.I. Digital, livestreaming through March 20 and 21.

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