We are delighted to confirm that AI leader, Michael Borrelli will speak at #RISK A.I. Digital, this month.

 Livestreaming March 20 and 21, #RISK A.I. Digital examines how organisations can harness AI technologies responsibly, ethically and safely.

Across two days at #RISK A.I. Digital, thought leaders, industry experts and senior professionals will provide their insight, enabling audiences to understand how to mitigate risk, comply with regulations and achieve robust governance over AI.

Event speaker, Michael Borrelli is Director at AI & Partners. A highly experienced financial services professional, his interest areas include law, technology and finance.

Michael will be at #RISK A.I. Digital to discuss best practices for AI adoption. Below, he goes over his professional journey and introduces the key issues.

Best Practices for AI Adoption

  • Time: 16:00 – 16:30 GMT 
  • Date: Wednesday 20 March (Day 1)

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Could you briefly outline your career so far?

My career path as a regulatory compliance consultant has centred around the intersection of frontier technology, particularly within the financial services sector. Over the years, I’ve gained extensive experience navigating the intricate regulatory landscapes governing emerging technologies.

My role involves providing strategic guidance to organizations, ensuring they harness innovation while adhering to regulatory requirements. From blockchain to artificial intelligence, I’ve assisted firms in adopting cutting-edge technologies responsibly and compliantly, helping them stay ahead in an ever-evolving market.

What are the primary ethical and technical questions that CEOs should be most concerned about as organisations prepare for age of AI?

CEOs must grapple with a multitude of ethical and technical questions as they prepare their organisations for the age of AI.

Ethically, they must consider issues such as data privacy, algorithmic bias, and accountability. Ensuring fairness and transparency in AI-driven decisions is paramount to maintaining trust among stakeholders.

On the technical front, concerns revolve around security vulnerabilities, interpretability of AI systems, and robustness against adversarial attacks. Addressing these challenges requires a holistic approach that combines ethical principles with technical expertise.

What does best practice look like when it comes to navigating the AI adoption journey with care and due diligence?

Navigating the AI adoption journey with care and due diligence demands a comprehensive strategy encompassing various aspects.

Firstly, organisations must formulate a clear AI strategy aligned with their business objectives. This involves assessing internal capabilities, identifying use cases, and setting realistic goals. Infrastructure readiness is crucial, requiring investments in data management, computing resources, and talent acquisition.

Stakeholder engagement is vital for fostering buy-in and ensuring alignment across the organisation. Transparent communication about AI deployment plans and potential impacts helps build trust and mitigate resistance.

Don’t miss Michael Borrelli exploring these issues in depth at #RISK A.I. Digital in the session:

Best Practices for AI Adoption

The adoption of AI holds immense promise for organisations seeking to drive innovation, enhance efficiency and unlock new opportunities.

However, the journey towards successful integration is fraught with complexity, ethical considerations and technical challenges.

This panel discussion convenes industry leaders and AI practitioners to explore best practices for navigating the AI adoption journey responsibly and effectively. The conversation will look at a range of topics, from strategy formulation and infrastructure readiness to stakeholder engagement and regulatory compliance.

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Best Practices for AI Adoption

Time: 16:00 – 16:30 GMT

Date: Wednesday 20 March (Day 1)

The session sits within a packed agenda of insight and guidance at #RISK A.I. Digital, livestreaming through March 20 and 21.

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AI is a game changer, but the risks of generative AI models are significant and consequential.

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