Head of Global Advisory at SAS

Artificial Intelligence and Analytics are re-shaping the world we live in. From life partner choices to political campaign management, sport performance optimization and of course business decisions, AI is weaving into more and more aspects of society, businesses and personal lives. In this innovation race, data is the “new black”, data science is emerging as a new profession, and ethics is becoming the new frontier of technology.

Olivier is passionate about data-driven innovation, artificial intelligence and how it relates to bigger questions such as privacy, ethics and sustainability. As a technologist and C-level advisor, Olivier works with public and private organisations to accelerate their digital transformation, connecting technical capabilities, operating models and processes, and maximising the value created from their most valuable assets: data.

Olivier has an engineering degree in Human-Computer Interactions with a minor in Philosophy, Technology, and Cognition.

Cloud Modernisation Summit

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My Sessions

Cloud Modernisation Summit - London

Creating a Coordindated Cloud Modernisation Strategy

7 June 2022, 15:15 - 16:00 BST


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