We are delighted to confirm that IDAM Business Analyst, Amardeep Ginday will speak at PrivSec & GRC Connect London.

 Taking place on March 12 and 13 at Park Plaza, Riverbank, London, PrivSec & GRC Connect London provides a platform for organisations to address the cumulative nature of risk.

PrivSec & GRC Connect London’s comprehensive agenda is led by subject matter experts, business chiefs and industry leaders, giving attendees a deep-dive into challenges and solutions on the rapidly evolving GRC landscape.

Event speaker, Amardeep Ginday is IDAM Business Analyst at The Guardian. Leveraging over 11 years’ experience in Identity and Access Management, Amardeep has built teams and raised awareness of IAM within businesses to highlight the importance of IAM. 

Amardeep will be attending PrivSec & GRC Connect London to talk about how ransomware “tabletop exercises” can help organisations to mitigate cyberattack risk. Below, Amardeep answers questions on his professional journey and introduces the key issues.

Steps to Improve your Company’s Responsiveness

  •  Wednesday, 13th March 2024 (Day 2), 10:00-10:40am GMT
  • Theatre: Privacy & Security (P&S) Theatre

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Could you outline your career so far?

I have been in the IAM space for over 11 years. I started from shop floor doing Access Control right through to re-writing processes and policies, to working alongside experts with existing and new applications within businesses.

What mistakes are businesses continuing to make regarding their security posture, and in terms of preparedness in the event of a security incident?

My perspective, from what I have witnessed, is that lack of investments exist in the following areas:

  • Expertise
  • Applications
  • Security Tools

These 3 things are overlooked and can, at times be the cause of a security incident.

How can “tabletop exercises” help organisations to prepare for and respond to cyberattacks?

Tabletop exercises can provide education, possible solutions and valuable lessons to people to strengthen their security postures and build a better security foundation for their organisations.


Don’t miss Amardeep Ginday exploring these issues in depth at the PrivSec & GRC Connect London session:

Ransomware Tabletop Exercises: Steps to Improve your Company’s Responsiveness.

Security incidents are inevitable. Mistakes and/or a lack of preparation in the response can have serious repercussions. Security and risk management leaders with business continuity management responsibility can prepare for and respond to the challenges of a targeted cyberattack by planning “tabletop exercises”, where a cyberattack is simulated.

Our cyber experts will take you through a step-by-step planning of one of these exercises, that you can bring into your workplace tomorrow.

Also on the panel:

  • Gary Brown, Chief Privacy Officer, Legal & Compliance, Westinghouse (Panel Moderator)
  • Lesley Holmes, Data Protection Officer, MHR
  • Caroline Faulder, Senior Manager – Strategy & Consulting, CyberCX UK


Steps to Improve your Company’s Responsiveness

Location: Privacy & Security (P&S) Theatre

Time: 10:00am – 10:40am GMT

Date: Wednesday 13 March 2024

The session sits within a packed agenda of insight and guidance at PrivSec & GRC Connect London taking place March 12 and 13, 2024.

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