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The UK’s Leading Risk Focused Expo

9th & 10th October 2024
ExCel, London  



Gold Sponsor

Gold Sponsors

  • Camms

    Camms Group


    With integrated solutions in risk, strategy, projects and people our business software will help you make the right decisions, manage risks, align the talents of your organisation, and focus on what matters.

Silver Sponsor

Silver Sponsors

  • Archer



    Archer helps organizations manage risk in the digital era—uniting stakeholders, integrating technologies and transforming risk into reward.

  • Navex



    NAVEX is trusted by thousands of customers worldwide to help them achieve the business outcomes that matter most.

Bronze Sponsor

Bronze Sponsors

  • DPOrganizer



    We believe in a world where innovation and privacy go hand in hand, and giving privacy professionals the right toolkit is the best way to get there.

  • Mine



    Our mission is to create a new global privacy standard where people can manage their data and minimize online risks without changing their behavior. We are bridging the gap between people and companies by making regulations accessible to everyone.

Headline GRC Theatre Sponsor

Headline GRC Theatre Sponsor

  • Certa



    We’re called Certa because we believe companies should work with the best certa-fied vendors. We’ll help you understand who you’re working with and along with their full risk, compliance, and ESG profiles.



  • CRMG

    Cyber Risk Management Group


    Whilst effective risk management is a business aim in its own right, we believe that “risk-framed thinking” should be at the centre of everything we do in cyber security to help maintain focus on what really matters, prioritising your investment and protecting your most critical assets.

  • Ansarada



    We’re a SaaS platform that companies, advisors and governments rely on for securely managing critical information, workflow and collaboration in high stakes processes like deals, risk, compliance, board governance and procurement.


#Risk London Partners

  • ERMA 3by2

    Enterprise Risk Management Academy (ERMA)

    As a global learning centre for professionals in Enterprise Risk Management, ERMA provides a comprehensive set of Enterprise Risk Management courses, 3 ERM certifications for different levels of Risk Management proficiency, and facilitates collaboration efforts of ERM professionals around the world.

  • Cyber Resilience

    The Cyber Resilience Centre for London

    The Cyber Resilience Centre for London is a police-led, not-for-profit organisation working in partnership with the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime.

  • The Association of Governance Risk and Compliance

    The Association of Governance Risk and Compliance

    A Global community of GRC professionals for knowledge-exchange, professional networking and idea incubation.

  • Global Risk Community

    Global Risk Community


    The world’s premier online risk management resource, forum and platform.

  • CyberSecurity

    Cybersecurity Unity

    Cyber Security Unity (formerly the UK Cyber Security Association) is a new global community which has been set up to help unite the industry and combat the growing cyber threat.

  • Enterprise Security

    Enterprise Security Magazine

    Enterprise Security has been a pioneer in dissolving the vacuum which has been created owing to the missing connection between the various solutions and services that can be brought together to create a complete system. 

  • The Namking 50

    The Banking 50

    The Banking 50 is a membership based community for the most influential people and companies in banking and financial services.

  • CISO

    Intelligent CISO

    Intelligent CISO is a global technology intelligence platform aimed at the enterprise sector looking for updates and research driven data about cybersecurity.

  • Plug and Play Tech Center

    Plug and Play Tech Center

    We drive innovation by connecting the brightest minds.

  • Purpose logo - index


    We are a global community of campaigners, creatives, doers, and thinkers who are driven by Purpose. We co-create campaigns and movements that inspire people to reimagine the world and make it happen.

  • Pinwheel


    Pinwheel enables progressive businesses to fund the world’s most impactful climate and biodiversity projects in collaboration with employees, clients and consumers.

  • EM360


    EM360 is a multimedia platform that delivers tech news, opinion pieces, and educational content to the global corporate and IT communities.

  • Transparency International UK

    Transparency International UK

    Transparency International is the UK’s leading independent anti-corruption organisation. For more than 25 years we have worked to expose and prevent corruption so that no one in the UK and where the UK has influence has to suffer its consequences.

  • ICIO

    Intelligent CIO

    Intelligent CIO is a global technology intelligence platform aimed at the enterprise IT sector to provide targeted updates and research driven data. 


    Great British Workplace Wellbeing Awards

    The Great British Workplace Wellbeing Awards recognises the people and organisations who are helping to make a true difference to the lives of our nation’s working population.

“#RISK is such an important event as it looks at the broad perspective or risk. Risks are now more interconnected and the risk environment is bigger than ever before.”

Michael Rasmussen, GRC Analyst & Pundit, GRC 20/20 Research