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9th & 10th October 2024
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Protect your world

Microsoft Security helps protect people and data against cyberthreats to give you peace of mind.

You have a vision. We can help you secure it.

A comprehensive approach to security that’s end-to-end, best in breed and AI driven can help you be fearless.

Secure everything. Limit nothing. Be fearless.

Turn possibility into reality with the world’s most comprehensive approach to security.

How far will you go when you’re ready for what’s ahead?

When you have comprehensive security, you have the freedom to grow your enterprise to match your vision. Comprehensive security is not only coverage, but also best-in-breed protection, built-in intelligence, and simplified management.



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Capgemini partners with companies to transform and manage their business by unlocking the value of technology.

As a leading strategic partner to companies around the world, we have leveraged technology to enable business transformation for more than 50 years. We address the entire breadth of business needs, from strategy and design to managing operations. To do this, we draw on deep industry expertise and a command of the fast-evolving fields of cloud, data artificial intelligence, connectivity, software, digital engineering, and platforms.

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MetricStream is the global SaaS leader of Integrated Risk Management and GRC solutions that empower organizations to thrive on risk by accelerating growth via risk-aware decisions. We connect governance, risk management, and compliance across the extended enterprise. Our ConnectedGRC and three product lines – BusinessGRC, CyberGRC, and ESGRC – are based on a single, scalable platform that supports you wherever you are on your GRC journey. Recognized by top industry analysts as a leader in GRC, MetricStream has been helping customers thrive on risk for more than 20 years.

For details please visit: www.metricstream.com

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Pathlock brings simplicity to customers who are facing the security, risk, and compliance complexities of a digitally transformed organization. New applications, new threats, and new compliance requirements have outpaced disparate, legacy solutions.

With the industry’s broadest support for business applications, Pathlock provides a single platform to unify access governance, automate audit and compliance processes, and fortify application security.

With Pathlock, some of the largest and most complex organizations in the world can confidently handle the security and compliance requirements in their core ERP and beyond.

Whether it’s minimizing risk exposure and improving threat detection, handling SoD with ease, or unlocking IAM process efficiencies – Pathlock provides the fastest path towards strengthening your ERP security & compliance posture.

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Archer is a leading provider of integrated risk management solutions that enable customers to improve strategic decision-making and operational resilience with a modern technology platform that supports qualitative and quantitative analysis driven by both business and IT impacts. As true pioneers in GRC software, Archer remains solely dedicated to helping customers manage risk and compliance domains, from traditional operational risk to emerging issues such as ESG. With over 20 years in the risk management industry, the Archer customer base represents one of the largest pure risk management communities globally, with more than 1,200 customers including more than 50% of the Fortune 500.

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Bitsight is a cyber risk management leader transforming how companies manage exposure, performance, and risk for themselves and their third parties.

Companies rely on Bitsight to prioritize their cybersecurity investments, build greater trust within their ecosystem, and reduce their chances of financial loss.

Built on over a decade of technological innovation, its integrated solutions deliver value across enterprise security performance, digital supply chains, cyber insurance, and data analysis.

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Gold Sponsor: Privacy & Data Protection Theatre

As society redefines risk and opportunity, OneTrust empowers tomorrow’s leaders to succeed through trust and impact with the Trust Intelligence Platform.

The market-defining Trust Intelligence Platform from OneTrust connects privacy, GRC, ethics, and ESG teams, data, and processes, so all companies can collaborate seamlessly and put trust at the center of their operations and culture by unlocking their value and potential to thrive by doing what’s good for people and the planet.




Gold Sponsor: GRC Theatre

AuditBoard was born from a conviction that managing enterprise, assurance, and compliance risk shouldn’t be manual, and that teams freed from administrative tasks can create more business value. That simple, yet powerful idea spurred the inception of our top-rated solutions and what’s now a modern connected risk platform. 

AuditBoard is leading a movement transforming risk professions, closing resiliency gaps, and elevating audit, risk, and compliance teams to a more strategic position of influence within their organizations.

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Lexis Nexis

Lexis Nexis Regulatory Compliance

The law isn’t getting simpler. The journey towards managing your company’s regulatory risk starts here.

LexisNexis is strengthening the response of governance, risk and compliance functions to the demands of an increasingly complex regulatory environment by applying world-class legal expertise to a new technology solution: LexisNexis Regulatory Compliance.

LexisNexis Regulatory Compliance is an always up-to-date obligations register. It offers concise guidance on exactly which regulations you should follow and how to be compliant with them. Real-time alerts ensure that, when legislation changes, you know what to do about it. We advise you on exactly which action to take, why to take it and what the consequences are of non‑compliance.

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camms group

Camms Group

With integrated solutions in risk, strategy, projects and people our business software will help you make the right decisions, manage risks, align the talents of your organisation, and focus on what matters.

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Theatre Sponsor: Security Theatre

For Security Pros that protect the organization, Censys is the best at finding the exposures attackers will exploit. As the leading Attack Surface Management provider, we take the guesswork out of protecting the organization’s digital footprint. Helping you to stay one step ahead of risks by uncovering threats before they become complications.




LogicGate offers modern risk management technology empowering businesses to proactively transform risk enterprise-wide.

Because risk is a team sport, we created the Risk Cloud Platform® — the most nimble and collaborative GRC solution out there. Rapidly adapt to changing business conditions. Confidently innovate and build new processes as you go. Collaborate on risk across your entire organization. Risk Cloud® gives you an interconnected view of risk across the organization that you just can’t get from point solutions. After all, great companies are built not by avoiding risks — but by choosing the right ones.

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riskonnect Inc.

Theatre Sponsor: #RISK Theatre

Riskonnect is the leading integrated risk management software solution provider.

Our founders started Riskonnect to change the way organizations manage risk. From the beginning, they knew that risks are interconnected – a conviction so strong it inspired our company name. Yet most companies managed risk in silos and on spreadsheets – a practice that continues today. Even now, many risk processes are being managed on spreadsheets, notorious for errors and inconsistencies that slow response times to a crawl.

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SureCloud was born in the cloud in 2006 when founders, Richard Hibbert and Nick Rafferty, pioneered Penetration Testing-as-a-Service (PTaaS), being the first to operationalize testing output through cloud technology. Fortune followed, and due to customer demand, our cloud technology quickly scaled to become a fully integrated GRC platform – the first cloud native solution to be recognized on Gartner’s Information Risk Management (IRM) Magic Quadrant.

But we were just getting started. To complement our GRC platform, we set up an advisory practice. We knew the value of technology was limited without cyber and risk expertise, and with the two functions running side by side, the possibilities were limitless. Or so we thought. After closer examination of how customers were using our software and expertise in unison, it became clear we’d created a Capability delivery business. Customers were achieving their desired outcomes by uniting software and expertise in one place – with SureCloud – and this revelation has come to shape our current ambitions.

Today, we run the business as one combined function where the software and expertise we provide is so tightly integrated that customers can achieve their desired business outcomes through Capabilities using just the SureCloud Platform. Greater than the sum of its parts, our Capabilities put an end to poorly adopted software, sub-optimal risk management processes, and the risk of GRC program failure. SureCloud is the Capability company – see what we can do for you

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Resolver Inc.

Resolver gathers all risk data and analyzes it in context—revealing the true business impact within every risk. Resolver’s Risk Intelligence Platform traces the extended impact of all types of risk—whether compliance or audit, incidents, or threats—and translates those effects into quantifiable business metrics.

So, customers can communicate risk persuasively, framing it in terms of the business. And with this changed perspective, comes an entirely new role for risk to play. Finally, risk goes from being seen as a barrier, to becoming a strategic partner driving the business. Welcome to the new world of Risk Intelligence.

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Cassie is a Consent and Preference Management Platform that manages over 1.2 billion customer records for large organisations handling high-volume, complex data worldwide.

  • Configure Cassie with total flexibility across legislations and it will implement them for you
  • Connect your data for a centralized source of truth with full integration across your tech stack
  • Complete peace of mind with smart consent audits for any legislation, saving valuable time

The platform is designed to capture, store, and manage personal preferences, ensuring compliance with complex regional regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA.

Cassie enables businesses to empower their customers with control over their personal information while allowing organisations to capture important customer choices in granular detail, such as brand, pricing, channel, language, relationships, and more, all at lightning speed. Cassie was developed by parent company Syrenis, founded in 2000, and renowned for delivering advanced data software solutions for more than two decades.

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For over 20 years, Protecht has redefined the way people think about risk management and resilience with the most complete, cutting-edge and cost-effective SaaS solutions. We help companies increase performance and achieve strategic objectives through better understanding, monitoring and management of risk and resilience.


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MineOS for Business is the first platform dedicated to data privacy operations while placing user experience at the center. With a simple, no-code, and self-served setup, companies of all sizes can save time, reduce risks and automate their request handling in just 10 minutes.

By integrating endless data sources, companies can provide customers with transparency over their data, handle data privacy requests at scale, and simplify complying with privacy regulations globally, including the GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD.

  • Live Data Mapping: AI-powered discovery & control of data sources.
  • Unify Privacy Requests
  • Mine’s Evidence (automated verification & validation)
  • Fulfill DSRs with automations for dozens of data sources & 3rd-parties
  • Continuous Management & Compliance

Get peace of mind and join thousands of companies that use Mine OS PrivacyOps:  https://business.saymine.com

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Archive360’s PaaS platform is trusted by organizations around the world to securely migrate their digital data to the cloud, and responsibly manage it for today’s regulatory, legal and business intelligence obligations.

Our customers achieve this by applying context around the search, classification, and analysis of structured and unstructured data - including files, videos, audio, CRM, ERP, emails/electronic communication, social media - while maintaining full control over security, privacy, access, and compliance

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Purpose-built for risk management from the ground up, Acuity’s STREAM platform provides an integrated view of risk bringing cyber risk together with IT and operational risks to provide a comprehensive view of risk and compliance across the enterprise. The platform models all of the complex relationships that exist in cyber security risk management and presents the results in business terms via an intuitive user interface such that security leaders and executives can make informed risk decisions. The executive team draws on its deep expertise and industry experience to continually innovate and help companies prepare and protect themselves while embracing digital transformation.

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The effortless, smart, secure digital communications platform

We’re powering the next generation of secure digital communications for your organization, preventing data leaks and empowering your people to work securely with minimal disruption.

From secure email to secure large file transfer and more, discover Zivver today.

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Wipro Limited (NYSE: WIT, BSE: 507685, NSE: WIPRO) is a leading technology services and consulting company focused on building innovative solutions that address clients’ most complex digital transformation needs. Leveraging our holistic portfolio of capabilities in consulting, design, engineering, and operations, we help clients realize their boldest ambitions and build future-ready, sustainable businesses. With over 240,000 employees and business partners across 66 countries, we deliver on the promise of helping our customers, colleagues, and communities, to thrive in an ever-changing world.




CyberGRX brings a revolutionary approach to Third-Party Cyber Risk Management. Using sophisticated data analytics, real-world attack scenarios, and real-time threat intelligence, we provide our members a complete portfolio analysis of their third-party ecosystem, helping you to prioritize your risks, make smarter decisions. In addition, we enable you to manage your own cybersecurity reputation as a third-party in a collaborative and efficient manner that supports your customer relationships as well as your business goals and needs.

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Theatre Sponsor: Security Theatre

vArmour is an enterprise infrastructure mapping platform that automatically creates a unified, visual representation of the applications and technologies that run the business. vArmour can be trusted to show decision makers a complete and continuously up-to-date view of the connections and dependencies that exist within the IT estate, so that business can be kept operational, secure, and compliant at all times. Observe complete reality. Generate ground truth. Drive the business.

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Enhesa is partner to multi-national corporations that want to help build a safer, more sustainable world. Through comprehensive EHS and product compliance intelligence, we empower clients to take care of the environment, health and safety of their collective. Combining our advanced regulatory expertise in 300+ jurisdictions with AI-powered technology, we provide actionable insights in more than 30 languages – covering what compliance means now and how it will change in the future. We help you comply with confidence – today, tomorrow, across the globe.

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More info coming soon. 

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CoreStream is a provider of market leading, next-generation GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) / EHS / ESG solutions. The platform provides a solution which is both user-friendly and user focussed. The CoreStream Platform can be tailored through simple and rapid configuration to meet every client’s need and deliver an integrated GRC experience to help organisations achieve their true business potential.

The platform works seamlessly in tandem with clients’ processes and procedures, its flexibility and adaptability providing them with a solution which encourages proactive decision-making, collaborative working on compliance and assurance, and supports governance through accountability. Crucially, the platform also offers both time and cost savings as you embed it in your processes.

The platform was recently reviewed by market-leading GRC industry analysts with the feedback that it is agile, intuitive, value-creating, effective and adaptable, clearly demonstrating how today’s organisations can solve their challenges in today’s business climate using the CoreStream Platform. 

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Established in 2015, norm. is a company on a mission to rid the world of cyber security complexity. We know that for most mid-sized businesses managing cyber risk is a stressful, costly and time-consuming exercise that distracts them from doing whatever it is they do best. That’s why we designed a service that’s easy to deploy, simple to manage and costs significantly less than an in-house function. All the reassurance of complete visibility and control over your cyber risk, without the hassle of managing it yourself. How very reassuring!

As pioneers of this method of managing cyber risk, we’ve seen our client list triple over the past two years and have gained significant momentum in industries like finance, banking & insurance, logistics & supply chain and retail & consumer goods, amongst others. And with a customer retention rate of over 98%, our no-drama approach to delivering cyber security peace of mind is clearly catching on.


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Stop ransomware! ThreatLocker® improves enterprise-level server and endpoint security with zero trust controls, including Allowlisting, Ringfencing™, Elevation, Storage, Network Control, Configuration Management, and Operational Alert solutions.

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Continuity Logic (UK)

At CLDigital, we’re dedicated to empowering organizations with powerful decision analytics and comprehensive solutions for operational risk and resilience. Our platform, CL360, is designed to help businesses adapt to change, deliver value through data, and empower citizen development. Our solutions span across multiple domains including Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), Business Continuity Management, IT Resilience, Disaster Recovery and Crisis Management.

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Metomic helps companies detect and protect sensitive data in SaaS applications like Slack, Google Drive, and Microsoft O365.

With just one click, Metomic integrates with your SaaS applications to rapidly detect sensitive data like customer PII, security credentials, and confidential information.

Our industry-leading accuracy enables Metomic to prioritise the risks that matter to your business, giving you full visibility and control over your most sensitive data, including who has access to it.

Real-time employee notifications via their favourite collaboration tools, like Slack or Teams, enable everyone in the business to minimise the exposure of sensitive data, without getting in the way of productivity. So you can lock down your data, not your employees.

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Theatre Sponsor: Privacy & Data Protection

Exterro Inc. is the leading provider of e-discovery and information governance software specifically designed for in-house legal, privacy and IT teams at Global 2000 and Am Law 200 organisations.

The Exterro Orchestrated E-Discovery Suite enables organisations to manage, measure, and optimize e-discovery processes, unifying all phases of e-discovery across the EDRM, and all stakeholders on the same technology platform.

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Theatre Sponsor: Privacy & Data Protection

DPOrganizer offers privacy management software, designed specifically for privacy professionals. We develop innovative features and useful tools to simplify life for privacy professionals and help to ensure compliance, demonstrate control and minimize risk.

With customers in 20 countries, the software helps businesses and organisations around the world map, visualize, report on and manage their processing of personal data. DPOrganizer was founded in 2015 by iZettle’s Data Protection Officer and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

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SoSafe empowers organizations to build a security culture and mitigate risk with its GDPR-compliant awareness platform. Powered by behavioral science and smart algorithms, SoSafe delivers engaging personalized learning experiences and smart attack simulations that turn employees into active assets against online threats. Comprehensive analytics measure ROI and tell organizations where vulnerabilities lie. The platform is easy to deploy and scale, fostering secure behaviour in every employee.

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eSentire is The Authority in Managed Detection and Response Services, protecting the critical data and applications of 2000+ organisations in 80+ countries from known and unknown cyber threats. Founded in 2001, the company’s mission is to hunt, investigate and stop cyber threats before they become business disrupting events.

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PA Consulting

More info coming soon. 

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Skillcast is an award-winning compliance e-learning provider, helping companies to transform their culture with innovative, engaging, social, mobile, manageable, and cost-effective compliance and learning interventions.

We help companies to create and develop compliance awareness and inspire their employees to act with integrity. We work with clients like Royal Mail, Barclays, and Tesco to create and evolve their company-wide compliance learning solutions.

Every year we create hundreds of bespoke e-learning modules to complement our extensive libraries of ready-made courses, all of which can run on our learning management system (LMS) that has been specifically designed for compliance training. Over 900 companies use our e-learning courses and LMS to deliver millions of learning interventions.

We partner with our clients at every stage to ensure the successful outcome of their learning initiatives, from risk assessment to learning administration, reports and audits. We are innovators and e-learning trendsetters that are passionate about client service.

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The Training Centre

Welcome to The Training Centre. As the UK’s largest provider of Data Protection & Cyber Security training, we are proud to be associated with the best organisations in the business, namely;

We offer a full range of Data Protection, Information Security and Risk Management training courses, from Foundation level all the way through to Practitioner.
Wherever you are on your Career ladder, we have a course to suit your needs. Come see the full range at www.the-training-centre.com

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Cyber Risk Management Limited


Find out more about Cyber Risk Management Limited



Freevacy offer complimentary accredited data protection training courses from two globally recognised independent examination bodies, the IAPP and BCS. Choosing the right professional certification and training provider is an important consideration. A qualification from either the IAPP or BCS delivered by Freevacy indicates a deeper, more in-depth understanding, elevating the leadership profile of award holders among colleagues and peers. The enhanced level of protection gained from having IAPP and BCS qualified employees will help demonstrate accountability and lead to fewer security incidents resulting in the loss of personal information. The consequent benefits will deliver a measurable increase in trust with customers and service users.

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c2 cyber

C2 Risk

At C2, we empower organisations to survive and thrive through the provision of best-in-class risk intelligence. We are focussed on risk analytics for information assurance, privacy and ESG. We will be at booth #118 at #Risk London 2023 covering all things cyber security, ESG and risk management. Please stop by our booth, or if you would like to book time together in advance feel free to contact vivek.valmiki@c2cyber.com.

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DPO Centre (1)

The DPO Centre

The DPO Centre is the leading Data Protection Officer resource centre. Our DPOs reduce the burden of data protection compliance for our clients by providing:

  • Outsourced and interim Data Protection Officers
  • Data protection audits, RoPA, DPIAs, vendor due diligence and policy drafting
  • EU and UK representation
  • Dedicated DSAR response team
  • Staff training

Our large team of multi-talented data protection professionals work with over 600 organisations large and small across Europe, America and Asia.

We have DPOs within our team with specific expertise in sectors including medical and healthcare, retail and eCommerce, education and schools, software and technology, finance and insurance, as well as charities and 3rd sector organisations.

The DPO Centre’s proactive service provides you with the resource and expertise needed – at the level you require it - to implement, monitor and develop your compliance framework, providing a significant differentiator in your market and enabling you to progressively build trust, loyalty and customer engagement.

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Data Protection People

Data Protection People are specialists in Data Protection and Information Security. Our aim is to help organisations reduce the risk of non-compliance and to get the best from their data. We treat data as the asset that it is; we strive to ensure its protection but also its availability; and to create an environment in which it is always processed legally.

Data Protection People provide 4 key services:-
Initial Assessment Consultancy/GDPR Gap Analysis - The Gap Analysis is designed to analyse and identify a companies Data Protection posture and to then highlight obvious gaps and risks. We look at how likely the client is to have an information breach and where it is most likely to come from.
Deep Dive Consultancy - An example of a deep dive is when we are asked to examine, map, and ensure compliance of a consent/opt-in process for electronic marketing. This will usually involve looking at several websites, spreadsheets, databases, and paper forms and engaging with email broadcasting, web hosting, mailing house, telesales and other companies who you share clients data with in order to deliver a communications program.

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We are a SaaS Platform with products used by the world’s top companies, advisors and governments to govern their most crucial information and processes in Deals and Transaction Management, Board Management, Compliance and Procurement.
Since 2005, we’ve accumulated over fifteen years of experience on 24,000+ critical deals.
With over $1 trillion in deal value transacted on our platform.

Find out more about ansarada



RiskSmart is a technology company empowering risk and compliance teams. Our game-changing platform and solutions simplify, centralise and digitalise risk management to increase confidence and business resilience.

Helping to save time and cost by automating processes, ensuring you can focus on what you do best. Enabling smarter decisions through real-time insights and reporting. Risk made simple.


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We help businesses understand their global data privacy obligations with a legal analysis solution. We track data privacy laws and consider the impact of new developments. Accessible online, Rulefinder Data Privacy is easy to use and carefully curated by expert data privacy lawyers who ensure the data is consistent, up-to-date and comparable across jurisdictions. We consider key compliance topics (consent, cookies, breach response, employment and marketing scenarios) and present actionable data points in summary form, and legal memos for when you need to delve deeper. Developing innovative legal solutions for over 20 years, we are a proud affiliate of Allen & Overy LLP.




Privacy management is an essential, everyday duty of privacy teams. However, privacy professionals are often under tremendous pressure to ensure compliance in their organization, while often their teams are understaffed or do not have the right tools to support their work.

Get the support you need through RESPONSUM’s Privacy modules. From keeping records of your processing activities to performing TIA or LIA, and executing DPIAs, you can gather all the information you need in one place and access it at any time you need it.

Find out more about RESPONSUM BV

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Dun & Bradstreet Limited

For almost 200 years, Dun & Bradstreet has helped clients and partners grow and thrive through the power of data, analytics, and data-driven solutions. Our more than 6,000 employees around the world are dedicated to this unique purpose, and we are guided by important values that make us the established leader in business decisioning data and analytical insights. Our data & insights are valuable at all phases of a business lifecycle and whatever the economic environment.

Find out more about Dun & Bradstreet Limited

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Decision Focus

Software for your risk, compliance and audit programs.

Our vision is to radically simplify planning, tracking and documentation tasks related to GRC. We believe that greater transparency and improved overview across processes and responsibilities lead to increased efficiency. We want to rid organisations across industries of audit anxiety and the mad scramble to finish board level presentations.

Decision Focus - One Platform Many Solutions




SIGWATCH is the leading consultancy and data provider on activism, working with many of the world’s major companies, investors, and professional advisors. It provides a unique dataset on campaigning, brought to life by a team of specialists who provide the relevant political, social and legal context to help companies understand what activism means for their industry. SIGWATCH believes is it vital that businesses engage with activism in a constructive, open-minded way, rather than seeing activists as a force to be avoided. It aims to bridge the gap between business and civil society, supporting responsible practices and helping industries adapt to the risks ahead.

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At EY, our purpose is building a better working world. The insights and services we provide help to create long-term value for clients, people and society, and to build trust in the capital markets.

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RiskBusiness is the leading supplier of augmented governance, risk, audit and compliance solutions to the financial services sector, with the largest share of the data interchange consortium platform market.

RiskBusiness led the adoption of hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) governance, risk, audit and compliance solutions, incorporating an unique data protection and encryption methodology, delivered through annual subscription. RiskBusiness’ risk content and risk intelligence subscription services are supported by risk advisory services, recognised as subject leading in accountability, three lines of defence, non-regulated financial services and data classification taxonomies.

Based in Birmingham in the United Kingdom’s Midlands, RiskBusiness is an equal opportunity employer aligned to environmental, social and governance principles of sustainability and protection.

Find out more about RiskBusiness


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Aligne Technologies Ltd

More info coming soon. 

Find out more about Aligne Technologies Ltd


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Kogan Page Limited

More info coming soon.

Find out more about Kogan Page Limited



AI Company of the Year 2023, Smartbox.ai, solves the DSARand Cyber Incident Response challenges by using AI to DETECT and REDACT personal and sensitive data contained within data lakes and IT environments – enabling you to act fast, reduce your risk, and save money.

Find out more about smartbox.ai



Keepabl’s award-winning Privacy Management Software is the right choice to automate your Privacy governance. Our customers and consultant partners say we can save you 50% to 70% on your Privacy compliance over 3 years, make your collaboration with teams and advisers more efficient and value-add, help you sail through audits - even look forward to audits - and make it easier to manage Rights, Risk and Breach across multiple entities and countries.

Onboarding is easy and your online Data Map - the foundation of your Privacy Framework - will be up and running in no time. Instant visual KPIs and detailed downloadable reporting. Have as many online Forms to intake Rights submissions as you need, from your Privacy Policy to your intranet for internal teams, with each Form’s language tailored to its audience. 2FA, SSO, least privilege access and Audit Logs deliver secure, auditable, collaboration. Available in multiple languages.

See more at http://keepabl.com and do visit us at stand 113 for a personal demo and see why we’ve been named 3 years running to the prestigious global RegTech100 for our innovative approach to intuitive compliance.

Find out more about Keepabl

Iris Intelligence

IRIS Intelligence

IRIS Intelligence is a leader in the field of Strategic & Enterprise Risk Management and has been trusted to manage risk by some of the world’s most high-profile organizations for over a decade. Sample customers include NASA, the UK Cabinet Office, the US Treasury, Johns Hopkins University and the UK Vaccines Task Force to name a few. Why not join them?Our software quickly embeds best practice principles for managing risk across your team and can be provided fully hosted (SaaS) or installed on premise.

Our extensive preferences editor ensures the software can be rapidly configured to your specific needs, providing you with a fully robust system that feels custom-fit within just a few hours.

Whether you are working with a small team or integrating many thousands of users across multiple locations, IRIS Intelligence Software helps your team to:

  • Identify more risks and opportunities
  • Apply a consistent risk & opportunity assessment framework
  • Implement cost effective mitigation strategies
  • Provide instant, real-time reports both within the system or via instant export to PowerPoint, Excel, Tableau, etc.
  • Demonstrate the positive impact of your Risk Management initiative to Senior ManagementIRIS software is also used to manage complex compliance initiatives against a variety of regulatory frameworks including NIST Cyber Security Frameworks and a variety of data privacy legislation worldwide.

The system can also support the tracking of progress against your ESG goals against the GRI and SAASB frameworks. For more information email us today.




BioCatch is the leader in Behavioral Biometrics which analyzes an online user’s physical and cognitive digital behavior to protect individuals and their assets. Our mission is to unlock the power of behavior and deliver actionable insights to create a digital world where identity, trust and ease seamlessly co-exist. Leading financial institutions around the globe use BioCatch to more effectively fight fraud, drive digital transformation and accelerate business growth. With over a decade of analyzing data, over 60 patents and unparalleled experience, BioCatch continues to innovate to solve tomorrow’s problems. For more information, please visit www.biocatch.com

Find out more about BioCatch

Privacy Culture Logo

Privacy Culture

We are one of the first privacy software companies that has focused its solution on the people within the organisation.

Privacy Culture was founded in 2018 by Steve Wright with the mission to become one of the world’s first privacy software companies to help large companies embed and measure a culture of privacy. 

Recognising that one size does not fit all, we developed the Horizon Platform. We know how much time it takes to change culture, and we know that by offering the ability to measure people and processes, and benchmark these against external metrics, and then offer tailored, bespoke and relevant local-jurisdictional training modules, we can ensure the message lands and sticks, and your organisation can build a culture of privacy compliance.  

Our clients who subscribe to the Horizon platform also benefit from our fantastic onboarding and Client Success and Learning Teams. They will support you in driving through the cultural and operational changes required, help you demonstrate compliance via the Horizon interactive dashboard, and assist you in establishing a ‘Defensible Position’.




NAVEX is trusted by thousands of customers worldwide to help them achieve the business outcomes that matter most. As the global leader in integrated risk and compliance management software and services, we deliver our solutions through the NAVEX One platform, the industry’s most comprehensive governance, risk and compliance (GRC) information system.


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Neotas is a state-of-the-art enhanced due diligence company combining open-source intelligence (OSINT) and multiple curated datasets in a single platform which incorporates extensive data analytics software, case management and workflow tools to provide the most efficient enhanced due diligence solution available.The service is global and supports all of the world’s major languages enabling deep due diligence to be conducted by analysts with minimal training needed.By leveraging cutting-edge technology, automation and highly-skilled analysts, Neotas are going beyond and setting new standards in Enhanced Due Diligence for financial crime compliance, money laundering and fraud investigation, investment due diligence and ESG risk management.Our in-house methodologies and proprietary software are analyst driven and were designed by those who have protected the national interests of the United Kingdom in roles within the government, law enforcement, financial crime and fraud prevention and cyber security.The Neotas solution is available either as a SaaS solution for easy integration into client-side operations or as a fully managed service.Whether for in-depth reports, entity network analysis, risk assessment matrices, asset tracing or dynamic risk assessments all of our outputs provide actionable insights to inform decision making.

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As a global market leader in regulatory compliance solutions, COMPLY combines the power of regulatory technology, services and education to empower Chief Compliance Officers (CCOs) and compliance professionals to easily navigate the regulatory landscape. COMPLY enables firms to scale their growth, while remaining vigilant in their compliance efforts, by providing solutions designed to manage the burden of complex compliance tasks. Our deep bench of industry expertise – which includes expansive knowledge in technology enablement and regulatory compliance protocols and processes from our product portfolio offerings ComplySci, RIA in a Box and NRS — supports more than 7,000 clients, including private equity firms, hedge funds, broker-dealers, registered investment advisers and other financial service sector participants.

COMPLY continually supports clients in their work to proactively address core compliance challenges – minimizing risk, addressing critical priorities and meeting new demands as the industry evolves and the firm scales.

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ProcessUnity’s cloud-based solutions help organizations of all sizes automate their risk and compliance programs. Our highly configurable, easy-to-use tools significantly reduce manual administrative tasks, allowing customers to spend more time on strategic risk mitigation. As a software-as-a-service technology, ProcessUnity deploys quickly with minimal effort from customers and their IT resources. Our technology delivers faster, better results, and the ability to scale governance, risk, and compliance programs over time.


University of Portsmouth

University of Portsmouth


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Neo Forensics

Founded by Michael Lastovskiy in 2023 Neo Forensics is a next generation global private investigations and business intelligence firm. Based in London Neo Forensics seamlessly operates across the globe.

At Neo Forensics we help companies to identify, prevent and respond to the most modern and complex threats of fraud, cyber crime and data breach incidents.

We provide asset tracing and asset recovery, due diligence, digital forensics, e-discovery, investigations, dispute support, ethics and compliance services to corporations, individuals, government agencies and law firms.

With more than 170 years of diverse professional experience of our senior team members we provide outstanding quality of services on every engagement. We invest heavily in training, development and education of our people to keep on the front edge of our profession. Education and post graduate degrees at top world universities and business schools is a standard expectation of our team members.

We pioneer responsible use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, data analytics and other advanced technologies to resolve client issues with unmatched efficiency and effectiveness. We partner with industry associations and working groups to promote ethical and responsible use of artificial intelligence in legal and forensic professional practice areas.

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Mandatly Inc


Mandatly leads the way in privacy management through our innovative SaaS solution, that offers a user-friendly platform that empowers businesses to swiftly operationalize and automate their privacy programs, ensuring compliance with EU GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, Brazil LGPD, and other privacy laws. Mandatly API Technology allows seamless integration with other systems for automated data discovery, identity verification, consent collection, and single sign-on.

Mandatly comprehensive and integrated software simplifies complex data privacy compliance, providing efficient and effective solutions across a spectrum of critical areas:

  • Streamlining Privacy Assessments (PIA/DPIA)
  • Data Inventory and Mapping
  • Automated Data Discovery
  • Rapid Response to Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR)
  • Effortless Cookies and Consent Management
  • Auto generation of Cookie and Privacy Policy

Stay ahead in privacy compliance, ensuring peace of mind and avoiding costly fines.

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Sysmax revolutionises compliance and capability enhancement throughout your business. Effectively manage risks, implement best practices, and ensure their real-time application across all sites with our unified software platform. Simplify performance assessment and improvement.Our customised compliance, risk, and competence management software transforms your business approach. From executives to blue-collar workers, Sysmax empowers all levels for increased safety and productivity. Take informed workplace actions with role-specific knowledge, continuously utilised and accessible anytime, anywhere.

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riskHive is a company that provides software and services for risk management, analysis, resilience, and business continuity. They help organisations to better manage risk and uncertainty, delivering improved confidence to stakeholders. Some of the solutions they offer are:

riskHive has been in the business for over 20 years and has delivered software and services across all sectors and all continents - from small companies to global corporations and government departments

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Ripjar is a data intelligence company whose mission is to provide global institutions with the most advanced data and analytics solutions to protect themselves in real-time from evolving risks that threaten their growth, prosperity and value.

Banks, governments, and financial institutions trust Ripjar globally to monitor and investigate threats, risks, and criminal activity. Ripjar’s Labyrinth platform combines best-in class natural language processing, machine learning, entity resolutions, automation, data visualisation and security to provide users with clear, precise answers to their most important questions.

Ripjar was founded by experienced technologists from Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) and is headquartered in Cheltenham, United Kingdom.

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F24 is Europe’s leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider for incident and crisis management, emergency notification, as well as business messaging. More than 5,500 customers worldwide rely on F24’s digital solutions to strengthen their organisational resilience holistically. The highly innovative F24 solutions support customers through the whole value chain: from high-volume business communication and the area of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) through mass and service notification, smart event communication as well as public warning and emergency notification up to comprehensive incident and crisis management.

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IIRSM Shield

The International Institute of Risk & Safety Management (IIRSM)

The International Institute of Risk & Safety Management (IIRSM) is a UK-based professional membership organisation with a global footprint. We help individuals and organisations around the world to feel safe, supported and empowered to identify and manage risks, protecting their environments and lives.We aim to drive the holistic evolution of risk management in organisations, educating and protecting their people through our unique communities. We work together – providing training, knowledge sharing and networks – to support the competence of risk and safety professionals.

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Swiss GRC

Recognised as Switzerland’s premier software company specialising in the development and implementation of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solutions, Swiss GRC has built a wealth of expertise over the years, resulting in the rise of the GRC Toolbox—a sophisticated software solution anchored in established methodologies and best practices. This tool is expressly engineered to empower organizations to masterfully manage the intricate landscape of governance, risk, and compliance.

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EPAM - White-Hat


White-Hat, part of the EPAM Group, are an elite cyber team of ex Nation State Cyber Professionals focussing on Offensive and Defensive Cyber Security. Our offices are located in London UK and Tel Aviv Israel but we provide Cyber Security services worldwide. White-Hat provide unique premium security services for areas where standard security solutions are less effective.
Services we offer

  • Red Teaming
  • Purple Teaming
  • Penetration Testing
  • Cloud Testing
  • Incident Response
  • Incident Response Readiness
  • Cloud Incident Response
  • Attack Simulation

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