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7th & 8th November 2022

Javits Center, New York.


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Privacy and Security are Inextricably Linked

PrivSec New York 2022 is where privacy and security meet for an intensive two-day conference.

The event explores the inextricable link between privacy and security, providing attendees with access to first-rate content presented by a line-up of international experts.

PrivSec will bring together 100+ leading experts from privacy and security, to deliver a breadth of content via solo presentations, panel discussions, debates, roundtables, and workshops.

Our International line-up of expert speakers will combine practical and theoretical approaches to privacy and security and explore how the two need to work together to achieve share goals

As the lines blur between privacy and security, it is important that both disciplines can meet, network, and share ideas.

Over the course of the two-day event, there will be several professional and informal networking opportunities, designed to drive collaboration and aid attendees in meeting the people who will help drive change, innovation, and progression in their organization.

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PrivSec New York will also host the Privacy For Marketing conference, bringing together the best and brightest minds from the intersection of digital, privacy and technology - all under one roof! 

Consumers are more aware and growing increasingly concerned about privacy issues, in fact a large proportion of customers will abandon a brand that uses their personal data without their knowledge.

Brands and marketers must not only understand the regulations surrounding data protection and privacy, but they must also understand the importance of trust in this new world of transparency.

The Privacy for Marketing Conference will attract an audience of senior marketing decision makers, CMO’s. Marketing Directors, Chief Revenue Officers, Chief Digital Officers, Sales Directors, Marketing managers, Brand Managers all looking for, information, ideas, inspiration, and solutions to these challenges.



“Great content throughout—great to hear a variety of opinions
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Why attend?

PrivSec New York is a two-day, content rich conference and exhibition bringing together the best and brightest minds from the intersection of digital, privacy and technology, connecting privacy & security professionals, marketers, advertisers, media owners and communications leaders.

The global regulatory landscape is constantly evolving, and the rules are becoming increasingly complex and nuanced.

PrivSec New York will offer attendees pragmatic solutions, no-nonsense advice and up to the minute information on privacy and security and explore how the two need to work together to achieve shared goals.

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The Venue

Javits Center, New York


Why New York?

New York took the top spot in a report by Accenture into the world’s best cities for marketers and has a long history of being the centre of the advertising world. New York is regarded as the finance capital of the world and has been ranked first in the World’s Financial Centers by the Global Financial Centers Index.

New York is a mix of various cultures from across the globe providing a diverse population and workforce. It plays host to some of the largest and finest companies (Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000), biggest banks (Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan) and industries.

It is difficult to find a big name in the world of business that does not have a presence in the city.


Why The Javits Center

The iconic Javits Center is the busiest convention center in the United States.

The six-block convention center is the crown jewel of the pulsating, resurgent new West Side neighborhood—now transformed with the Hudson River Park, Hudson Yards and the High Line.

And thanks to the new 7 Subway line extension across the street, airport shuttle service, business center, state-of-the-art WiFi services the Javits Centre is more ‘connected’ than ever.


2,000+ Attendees


100+ Speakers


40+ Exhibitors & Sponsors

What will be covered?

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Towards a Cookie-Free Future

Third-party cookies are not dead yet, but Google has signed their death warrant. How will advertisers and publishers adapt to the cookie-free future? We'll speak to the adtech pioneers seeking first-mover advantage in a new, more privacy-respecting advertising ecosystem.

The Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF): What Happens Next?

In February 2022, a Belgian regulator declared that the Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF)—the advertising model followed by thousands of companies across Europe—violated multiple provisions of the GDPR. What was so wrong with this "best practice" guide? And what will publishers, consent management platforms, and adtech vendors do next?

The End of Cookie Banners: Browser Signals and the Future of the Web

Since 2013, website operators have had to declare whether they respect "Do Not Track" (DNT) browser signals under the California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA). But new laws in California, Virginia and Colorado will force some businesses to actually obey a similar protocol, the Global Privacy Control (GPC). Moreover, the EU's upcoming ePrivacy Regulation could see a similar rule emerge across Europe. How will this change the digital marketing landscape

Does 'Surveillance Advertising' Actually Work?

Digital advertising runs on huge quantities of personal data—some of it highly sensitive. Advertisers insist that collecting all this data is necessary to deliver effective and relevant ads. But are there equally effective, less intrusive ways to deliver relevant ads?

Advertising, Analytics, and the International Data Transfer Problem

The data transfer problem remains the biggest puzzle in data protection—and it significantly impacts digital advertising and analytics. Google Analytics, used on millions of websites. has been declared incompatible with the GDPR due to Google's legal status as a US-based company. So are there GDPR-compliant alternatives to Google? How can website operators run analytics and advertising campaigns without violating data transfer rules?

Online Advertising Laws: The Global Patchwork

Marketing departments face rules about tracking, cookies and unsolicited marketing in almost every country in the world. But these rules vary dramatically—even between US states. Is there a one-size-fits-all approach that would enable compliance with all the rules at once? And if not, how can marketing teams deliver the most effective advertising across the world's regions?

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