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OneTrust is the #1 fastest growing and most widely used technology platform to help organizations be more trusted, and operationalize privacy, security, data governance, and compliance programs. More than 7,500 customers, including half of the Fortune 500, use OneTrust to build integrated programs that comply with the CCPA, GDPR, LGPD, PDPA, ISO27001 and hundreds of the world’s privacy and security laws.

The OneTrust platform is backed by 130 patents and powered by the OneTrust Athena™ AI and robotic automation engine. Our offerings include OneTrust Privacy Management Software; OneTrust PreferenceChoice™ consent and preference management; OneTrust Vendorpedia™ third-party risk exchange; OneTrust GRC integrated risk management; OneTrust Ethics ethics and compliance; OneTrust DataGuidance™ regulatory research; OneTrust DataDiscovery™ AI-powered discovery and classification software; and OneTrust DataGovernance™.

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lexis nexis


At LexisNexis, our central mission is to advance the Rule of Law around the world, bringing as many people as possible within its protection. Everything we do – from our products and services, to how we do business, is about ensuring that all people are equal under the law. To achieve this, we want to empower and enable legal, compliance and tax professionals to have access to the very best in legal intelligence. We want to help them reach better answers faster and more efficiently.  

Revolutionising Compliance

LexisNexis Regulatory Compliance is a legal obligations register and alerting solution that combines regulatory content with technology to empower you to take control of your compliance obligations.

Exclusive, forward-insight on regulatory risk with MLex

Navigate complex global regulatory environments confidently with market insight, analysis and commentary on regulatory risk.

Every day, MLex delivers exclusive content that empowers business to respond first to changes in local and international laws, and their enforcement.

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Recognising the challenges businesses face, NorthRow have developed a single powerful API platform. Focussed on regulated companies with complex IT infrastructure and compliance requirements, the platform enables businesses to transact quicker and more cost-effectively, thus ensuring higher productivity with a consistent and auditable process.

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ZIVVER provides outbound email and file transfer security to help public and private sector organisations prevent data leaks (75% of which is caused by human error).

It is the only vendor in the market to offer a complete outbound email and file transfer security solution, tackling all three phases - before, during and after, a communication is sent. Trusted by more than 3000 organisations of all sizes to safeguard important data, the user-friendly platform helps to improve regulatory compliance as well as business performance.

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Data Protection People

Data Protection People is a data protection consultancy based in Leeds, UK. Our mission is to make data protection easy for people: easy to understand and easy to do. We do that through the mantra of benchmark, improve, maintain.

We can be your Data Protection Officer as a Service whether you need a privacy officer or a Data Protection Officer – regardless of if that’s a statutory or a voluntary function. We can undertake legislation compliance assessments and audits, and help make your compliance management projects a success. Our support desk is geared up to provide advice and consultancy on demand and our SAR Bureau can take away the donkey work of handling DSARs (data subject access requests).  

We’ve developed a range of tools including a documented governance framework, training materials and DataWise, our very own “privacy tech” data protection compliance management platform. We can get deeply involved with the security aspects of your data protection compliance management program as a PCI DSS QSA Company and qualified implementer and assessor of ISO27001.

Our experience covers many sectors including social housing, healthcare, professional sport, education, FMCG, retail, oil and gas, local government, hospices, charities and more.

We employ around 15 full-time staff and around 20 part-time. We are a small, fast-moving owner-operated company. We are innovative, flexible, and LOVE what we do in our niche area of work. Our data security division complements the activities of the privacy practice.

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Facit Data Systems

Facit Data Systems

Facit Data Systems is an international software development and integration company that specialises in the design and application of video analytics systems. Our solutions are scalable and work with all sizes of video surveillance networks. 

We enables businesses to comply with the strict GDPR privacy regulations surrounding CCTV footage.Facit Data Systems’ new Identity Cloak redaction software helps businesses to minimize their compliance risks.

Our application allows users to anonymise faces automatically in video footage before sharing with third parties. Facit systems use a highly advanced range of specially developed algorithms to give clients the highest quality business intelligence and are the products of choice for a growing number of major organisations.

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DPO Centre

The DPO Centre

The DPO Centre is the leading Data Protection Officer resource centre. Our DPOs reduce the burden of data protection compliance for our clients by providing: 

  • Outsourced and interim Data Protection Officers
  • Data protection audits, RoPA, DPIAs, vendor due diligence and policy drafting
  • EU and UK representation 
  • Dedicated DSAR response team
  • Staff training

Our large team of multi-talented data protection professionals work with over 500 organisations large and small across Europe, America and Asia.

We have DPOs within our team with specific expertise in sectors including medical and healthcare, retail and eCommerce, education and schools, software and technology, finance and insurance, as well as charities and 3rd sector organisations. 

The DPO Centre’s proactive service provides you with the resource and expertise needed – at the level you require it - to implement, monitor and develop your compliance framework, providing a significant differentiator in your market and enabling you to progressively build trust, loyalty and customer engagement.

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Privacy Culture

Privacy Culture

Privacy Culture was created out of a desire to bring a real-world, people-centric approach to the data privacy and cyber security sector.

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer experienced, effective and personal solutions to all businesses, regardless of size or sector.

We offer advice that is jargon-free, impartial and born out of decades of experience; we provide training that is based on hard-earned knowledge; and we bring software solutions that are designed to be easy to use, comprehensive and measurable.

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Exterro’s powerful, robust and unified privacy data management solution helps organizations orchestrate and automate data inventory management, data retention and minimization, DSAR, and incident and breach response processes, saving time and effectively bringing stakeholders together to achieve harmonized and future-proof privacy, data protection and business regulatory compliance.

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