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26 April 2022

A global Livestream Experience



PrivSec Focus: Third-Party Risk

A one-day digital livestream experience focusing on Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM)

As businesses grow more connected to—and dependent on—an expanding network of third parties, third-party risk management (TPRM) is more important than ever.

An effective TPRM programme can reduce the likelihood of a cybersecurity incident, lower your exposure to legal liability and safeguard your brand’s reputation. But managing third-party risk is increasingly challenging.

PrivSec Third-Party Risk is a one-day livestream event that will explore all aspects of creating and maintaining a robust and efficient TPRM programme. 

Hear from industry figures and subject matter experts about how leading businesses are reaping the benefits of a systematic and automated approach to TPRM.

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Themes & Topics

PrivSec Focus: Third-Party RISK

Ongoing Vendor Monitoring: Aiming for Total Transparency

Third-party vendors and service providers are often very responsive to initial requests for details about their practices. But once the contract is signed, information can be less forthcoming. Yet ongoing vendor monitoring is a crucial part of third-party risk management. Changes in vendors’ practices or supply chains can expose your business to unexpected risk.PrivSec Third-Party Risk will explore how to effectively monitor your third-party relationships on an ongoing basis and achieve near-total third-party transparency.

Third-Party Due Diligence: How Deep Should You Dig?

Conducting due diligence on prospective third-party providers is a vital part of ensuring compliance and lowering risk exposure. The due diligence process can be resource-intensive, but getting this crucial part of third-party risk management wrong can be disastrous for your business and its stakeholders. PrivSec Third-Party Risk will explore best-practice tips to help systematise and prioritise your company’s third-party due diligence process.

Preventing Supply Chain Attacks: Best Practice

Solarwinds and Kaseya showed the world how dangerous supply chain attacks can get—when one actor in the supply chain becomes compromised, the effects can be devastating to hundreds of organisations downstream. PrivSec Third-Party Risk will explore the ongoing threat of supply chain attacks and provide actionable advice on reducing your risk exposure.

Can You Rely On Third-Party Risk Assessment Questionnaires?

Questionnaires are an important part of third-party due diligence programmes. But by relying on questionnaires, businesses entering into third-party relationships assume their service providers will respond with transparency and accuracy. PrivSec Third-Party Risk will consider whether the risk assessment questionnaire is a sufficiently robust mechanism for lowering risk exposure, and explore how businesses can obtain comprehensive and meaningful responses.

Maintaining an Ethical Supply Chain

Along with security and legal concerns, ethical considerations are an increasingly crucial component of third-party risk management. By ensuring third parties engage in fair and lawful employment practices to avoid environmentally harmful manufacturers, companies are not only doing what’s right—they are reducing risk and enhancing their reputation. PrivSec Third-Party Risk will explore the ethical dimension of supply chain management—and consider how to make sure your third-party service providers live up to your values.

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