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20 April 2022

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About Identity & Access Management

PrivSec IAM returns in 2022 on 20th April, for another deep-dive into identity and access management.

The need for a robust identity and access management (IAM) strategy has become an integral part of enterprise IT. Strong IAM solutions can enable enterprises to boost employee productivity and bolster their overall security postures. However, the growth of cloud computing and an increasingly distributed mobile workforce make IAM more complex every day.

Organisational teams in charge of authenticating user identities and managing access to corporate resources must walk a fine line, ensuring that the enterprise has robust security controls in place while streamlining authentication procedures to increase user productivity.

In the end, business is about delivering value to customers, and IAM is an essential part of ensuring that employees are both empowered to deliver that value and prevented from damaging the business’s reputation, security, or bottom line. 

When considering adopting or changing an IAM strategy, enterprises must be aware of some of the most important trends in authenticating identity and managing access to corporate applications.

The general IAM landscape is becoming increasingly complex and must continue to evolve with advancing security threats, posing specific challenges for both users and administrators.

The most important elements of a holistic IAM solution—including centralized access management, automation, reporting, and contextual application of security policies—can help enterprises meet those challenges while accommodating dynamic growth.

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Why attend?

PrivSec IAM 2022 brings together subject matter experts and industry leaders as they outline how best to overcome IAM related challenges, how to best utilise it across organization’s of all sizes and provide roadmaps to successful implementation and management of your IAM program.

This livestream experience focused on the evolution of identity and access management, while also exploring its effects and relevance to blockchain, know your customer, self sovereign identity and much more.

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Themes & Topics

Implementing multifactor authentication through identity and access management solutions to solve IAM issues

Hard Tokens, Physiological Biometrics, Behavioural Biometrics, Geofencing, Time and Location Authentication, Universal Second Factor and Client Certificates.

Provisioning and Deprovisioning

How the key to proper provisioning and deprovisioning lies with identity governance and administration by helping your IT security team create clearly defined roles with set permissions for easy provisioning.

IAM as an ongoing service

Treating IAM as an ongoing internal service to the organisation by setting up an IAM operating model, along with a dedicated internal services team, to establish IAM as an ongoing service in order to manage demand from the business and IT, prioritize initiatives, and gauge IAM progress and maturity.

Integrating cloud IAM as a full component of the enterprise security landscape in order to provide business value and to prevent breaches

More information to be announced!

What do practitioners need to pay attention to or need to understand when it comes to implementing cloud IAM?

What kind of processes, what kind of steps that are required from a security team.

To manage or not to manage (BYOD)

Reconciling Bring your own device (BYOD) with the corporate network

IAM in the Era of Mobile and Cloud

Meeting Identity and Access Management Challenges in the Era of Mobile and Cloud

What has been the big challenge for the practitioners, the CISOs in particular, when they have attempted to integrate security with the cloud IAM and what is on the horizon in 2022?

More information to be announced!



The PrivSec Global November 2021 was exceptional. The incredible speakers discussed thought-provoking trending issues benefiting the audience with their tremendous industry knowledge. It was simply exhilarating. Thank you PrivSec Global and GRC World Forum”

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“Excellently organized event! From navigating the platform, on-demand sessions, scrolling ticker, speaker names and titles…all very well done. Covered important topics facing our industries today and created thought provoking conversations to share with my organization”

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