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28 April 2022


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About this event

PrivSec Identity & Access Management (IAM) is a one-day livestream experience focusing on identity and access management.

Over the past 18 months, organizations around the world have seen an acceleration of their digital transformation projects. This has, however, created created a set of new challenges that must be addressed in order to successfully manage identity and access management programs.

PrivSec IAM brought together subject matter experts and industry leaders as they outline how best to overcome IAM related challenges, how to best utilise it across organization of all sizes and provide roadmaps to successful implementation and management of your IAM program.

This livestream experience focused on the evolution of identity and access management, while also exploring its effects and relevance to blockchain, know your customer, self sovereign identity and much more.

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comprehensive & professional
privacy event I’ve ever been to,
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15 Speakers


5 Hours of Content


5 Sessions

Why attend?

Our subject matter experts and thought leaders will deliver the very latest industry insight, knowledge and analysis, putting you at the forefront of the global identity and access management debate.

Benefits of attending:

• Take away actionable insights and best practices to deploy immediately

• Gain instant access to a content-packed library to browse in your own time

• Have your questions answered by leading experts

• Discover fresh perspectives and understanding to give you competitive edge

• Improve your understanding of the regulatory and compliance landscape

• Activate discounts to future in-person forums and meet-ups

And much more…

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“One of the most interesting events on
Data Protection and Privacy. It gives the
possibility to hear from the most important
privacy experts and to network
with other professionals.”




What was covered

PrivSec Identity & Access Management explored 10 core topics:

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“PrivSec Global is a great way to learn about the
latest topics in data privacy and security.
The array of speakers is first-rate, and
the organizers make a sincere effort to
provide something for everyone.”